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Building a Strong Foundation

Naturally Fresh needed a marketing support partner to quickly onboard and understand their unique product, competitive industry, and business priorities.

Pathfinders addressed their immediate marketing needs while developing foundational elements and a marketing plan for their long-term success.


Archetypal Branding

Digital Display Advertising

Marcom Planning


Over-the-Top Television (OTT)

Paid Media

Paid Search Advertising

Paid Social Advertising


Retargeting Ads

Social Media

Trade Show Materials

Website Design


ECO-SHELL, the parent company of Naturally Fresh, found themselves in a tough situation – forces outside of their control had left them needing a new marketing partner that could:

  • Quickly get up to speed on their business
  • Develop new brand positioning and messaging
  • Identify opportunities for the brand
  • Execute and deploy tactics to support their overall marketing goal of increasing total sales by 2%-4%

Pathfinders got to work by developing their brand positioning, brand messaging, and a marketing plan to support their growing business.

Foundational Work

What They’re Wired For

We developed various foundational elements in parallel with their overall marketing plan.​

Naturally Fresh Icon Examples

Website Design

Redesign and Realign

Refined, redesigned, and realigned — their website became a touchpoint for fostering greater engagement between the brand and their consumers.


Social Media

Joining the Conversation

Identified as an important channel through which to reach and engage with their target consumers, we developed and built a Naturally Fresh presence on social media.

Naturally Fresh social media feed


Make Some Noise

We developed brand videos that told the Naturally Fresh story and could be deployed via multiple channels including their website, social media, onsite events, paid ads, and Over-the-Top Television (OTT).

Paid Advertising

Turning on the Lights

Targeted awareness-driving ads were activated through Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Ads were also deployed via print and digital placement in two leading industry trade outlets, as well as OTT.

We targeted users based on cat ownership with layered-on topical targeting to place ads in eco-friendly urban markets across the country.

Trade Advertising

Selling to the Sellers

To keep Naturally Fresh top of mind for distributors and retailers, we developed materials and experiences that got the brand noticed — and remembered — at trade events.

Naturally Fresh booth at a trade show.

The Success

The Perfect Formula

The Naturally Fresh brand team is confident in the marketing direction and believe they can concentrate on product and production knowing that Pathfinders is pushing the brand forward.

  • Increased sales
  • Increased customer conversions
  • Increased brand engagement
  • Increased visibility and awareness
Three bags of Naturally Fresh litter

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