Our unique cast of characters

Go ahead and picture our seasoned marketing team working for you and your brand. We live by the philosophy “do what you say, do it when you say you’ll do it, and do it to the best of your ability every time.” We deliver highly creative solutions that are shaped and scrutinized against our strategic thinking. Our goal is to achieve greatness for your brand, and to continue our success — we will deliver on the core beliefs that define how we work:

Start with the strategy in mind. Be a partner. Build a relationship. Operate with a sense of urgency. Be resourceful. Be transparent. Eliminate surprises. Exceed expectations at all levels.

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Stephen Ball

Chief Executive

Richard Abbott

Executive Creative Director

Adrienne Latson

Project Manager

Andrew Sears

Associate Creative Director

Anthony Higginbotham

Lead Developer

Colin Burns

Scheduling and Traffic Manager

Danny Miller

Video Producer

Erin Wojtysiak

Marketing Associate

Harry Vasilopoulos

Director, Talent & Culture

Jackie Stevens

Senior Graphic Designer

James Jursinic

Associate Creative Director

Jane Basker

Art Support

Jean-Paul Robertson

Graphic Designer

Jeffrey Staley

Senior Art Director

Kerry Bonk

Accounting & HR Director

Kylee Oliver

Graphic Designer

Lisa Bourdon

Executive Assistant

Lori Stickler

Office Manager

Lucy Macfarlane

Data Analytics Manager

Mack Black

Director of Product Management

Marla Depew


Mary Burzynski

Senior Copywriter

Mike Johnson

Senior Copywriter

Nancy Ball

Office Manager

Stephani Keve

Senior Graphic Designer

Tia Pynaert

Graphic Designer

Timothy Ritter

Senior Art Director/Lead Photographer

Have some fun

We’re certainly not all work and no play. And we don’t expect you to be either. So go ahead, take a quick break from researching our company and play a game or two of an all-time classic — FROGGER.

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Are you a design junkie? A web development diva? An account ninja? You might just be the overachiever we’re looking for at Pathfinders. We like smart. We demand motivated. We value dedicated. And we absolutely treasure creative. A true Pathfinder has an all-out need to hit the high notes because it’s more than a job or a paycheck. We guarantee you’ll be singin’ praises right along with us, and our clients!

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