A Utopia In Every Sip

Standing Out Through Storytelling

Kauai Coffee is a brand full of flavor with a unique story to tell.

From concepting new bag designs to creating a new, engaging visitor center video – Pathfinders brought the Kauai Coffee journey to life. 


Archetypal Branding



Video Production


Kauai Coffee was having trouble standing out in an ever-expanding coffee world. It was time to explore how to create a narrative that would help distinguish their voice from the pack.

Brand Archetype

Archetypal Branding is a unique way to identify a brand through motivations. We determined Kauai Coffee to be the Innocent (Optimism), meaning it is driven by simple purity and goodness. It appeals to emotions.

Pathfinders wanted to emphasize that connection by creating copy and assets that provoked feelings of happiness and freedom. A Utopia in every sip. Our brand idea — every sip is an act of self-care — grew out of the notion that Kauai consumers are drinking their coffee for a moment of joy.

The Success

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