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The Artistry Studio™ Parisian Style Edition beauty line was inspired by Paris, so what better way to engage influencers than to whisk them away to the sights and sounds of France? Traveling internationally with social media influencers was a first-of-its-kind for Amway. The Paris promotion was a full brand immersion for the selected beauty and lifestyle influencers to create thoughtful and engaging content, bringing Artistry Studio to the brand’s target audiences.


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Pathfinders Advertising has partnered with Amway’s Artistry brand since 2012. From photo shoots and social media campaigns to fashion week and beyond, Pathfinders has helped the Artistry brand reach new and larger audiences on a global scale. ​

After a New York agency Amway had originally tapped deemed the project scope and timing “impossible,” Pathfinders rose to the challenge. We made the Artistry Studio Paris launch a success with on-point strategy, a bold creative concept, and flawless program execution. ​​

The success of this campaign positioned Pathfinders as a strong partner, because we took their “crazy idea” that some saw as unreasonable and made it a reality. The results exceeded all brand expectations, and we now exclusively manage Amway’s entire influencer program. Here we will break down the project by brand goals, marketing approach, and results. ​

Influencer Marketing

Strategy for Success

Our influencer marketing program set the stage for positioning Artistry as a top beauty brand working with influencers in a highly saturated space. Once content went live on the channels, the influencer community positively responded by reaching out to Artistry to apply for future programs. This was a huge win in the eyes of the client and put us on the map for more influencer work, added credibility for the brand, and allowed for the organic growth of the influencer program.

When choosing the right influencers, we zeroed in on beauty and lifestyle micro to mid-tier influencers that were both professional and high-quality content creators, rather than simply looking for a large following. For Artistry Studio, these Passionistas worked as brand advocates with a desire to champion the products — something that most brands cannot afford to engage macro influencers to do.

Pathfinders still engages with every single woman that we’ve taken on the trips and  we have re-hired 76% of these influencers for additional brand work.

Our experienced social media team was able to capitalize on the trip experience as the only compensation for the deliverables created by the influencers. This approach, along with a relationship first approach, has proven to produce authentic content and build strong partnerships with influencers. The influencers would receive free product to sample and travel would be paid; however, their posts, opinions, and time would not be influenced by payment.

Campaign Reporting

Campaign Reporting

Pathfinders developed reporting methods to share results of each Passionista’s deliverables. These were used as benchmarks for future campaigns as well as to inform the social strategy for the brand’s owned channels.

Capturing KPIs from the trip was essential in measuring success, allowing the social team to evaluate and adjust tactics for future campaigns for the greatest impact. The brand was able to use campaign metrics and ROI to share the success of the campaign with the executive leadership team at Amway.


Onward to Bangkok and Tokyo

Due to the positive impact generated for Artistry Studio, Pathfinders has been able to expand the Passionista program for the next two product launches inspired by Bangkok and Tokyo. We developed a new content creator program for retainer work for some of the top performing influencers. The program gained traction in the emerging area of marketing that the client had never ventured. Pathfinders made the client look like the hero internally with the work we helped them accomplish, and the relationships with influencers has continued to grow.

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