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  • Video Storytelling: A Video is Worth 1MM Words

    February 02, 2023 | About a 1 min read

    Blog, Marketing, Video

    Video Storytelling: A Video is Worth 1MM Words

    By Pathfinders Advertising
    February 02, 2023
    About a 1 MIN read

    With over 1 billion hours of video content being watched a day on YouTube alone, video content is a valuable tool in a marketer’s toolbox. In fact, marketing campaigns with videos have experienced 34% higher conversion rates (Vidyard).  

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    To help inspire you, here are examples for the top 10 video marketing purposes for 2023.

    Top 10 Video Marketing Purposes in 2023

    Social Media Video (71%)

    Explainer Video (70%)

    Presentation Videos (50%)

    Testimonial Videos (46%)

    Video Ads (46%)

    Teaser Videos (42%)

    Sales Videos (40%)

    Product Demo Videos (36%)

    Videographics (23%)

    Customer Onboarding Videos (21%)

    Develop Strong Stories that Drive Results

    With a focused purpose, videos have shown that they can drive results.

    Wondering how you’ll have time to create great video content that converts?

    Unsure how to get good ROI from your video content?

    As your partner we’re here for you. Whether it’s strategy, planning, logistics, execution, post-production — please don’t hesitate to connect and start a conversation and we’ll see how we can help.

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