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    Celebrating 13 Years at Pathfinders: Advice From Our President

    November 18, 2015 | About a 3 min read

    Blog, Inside PF

    Celebrating 13 Years at Pathfinders: Advice From Our President

    By Vicky Holland
    November 18, 2015
    About a 3 MIN read

    13 Years At Pathfinders

    Recently I celebrated my 13th year at Pathfinders and boy has this time been an incredible ride. I am more than grateful for all of the friendships I have formed over the years. It truly does feel like yesterday!

    My career in advertising spans 30 years — which is crazy — and Pathfinders is the 5th agency I have worked for in that time. And after 30 years, I still absolutely love what I do.

    I took time to reflect on my anniversary and here are a few things I know and have picked up along the way.

    At the Office
    • Have a passion for what you do
    • Smile often — it is contagious and can effect an entire office
    • Be respectful and work for people you respect
    • Relationships…relationships…relationships…
    • Don’t be risk-averse
    • Great work will give you goosebumps
    • You won’t mesh with all client personalities — and that is OK
    • Perspective…in the big scheme of things what we do is more fun than important — as I like to say, we aren’t curing cancer or saving babies, we make brochures and websites  — so cut yourself a break, relax, and have fun
    • Read and save the glowing comments (calls and emails) you get from co-workers and clients — it matters that people trust and depend on you
    • Push yourself to do things that make you uncomfortable — it makes you better and stronger (be a speaker, go on TV, call an unhappy client)
    • Don’t be the smartest person in the room — or think you are
    • Always take notes…even after 30 years I still take a note pad (or iPad) to any meeting or call
    • Be driven to do great work for yourself first and then for the clients
    • It’s more important to be respected than liked (my opinion…)
    In Life
    • Thank your family OFTEN for allowing you to do what you love to do
    • Take care of yourself; your health is a gift
    • You will know when it is time for your next journey — don’t be afraid
    • Time flies, so be present
    • Be kind
    • Shit DOES happen that you can’t control — but you can be smart and find solutions to almost any situation
    • You will have bad days — but the goal is to have many more good than bad
    • Don’t be afraid to fail — I’m not very good at this — but I am still learning!
    • Your gut really is a good indication of many things both good and bad
    • You are responsible for you and all that responsibility entails
    • Don’t look for blame look for solutions and then learn
    • Push yourself
    • Be proactive
    • Always listen…well
    • Learn something new EVERY day — read an article, do a Webinar, go to a seminar, talk to a co-worker, read a book

    …I could go on and on — but these seemed to be top-of-mind.

    The team here at Pathfinders is full of smart and talented people, ready to take on any challenge. I am lucky to work with such a great group of people and for such a wonderful organization. I look forward to the years to come!

    Vicky Holland

    As an energetic industry veteran and Chief Growth Officer of Pathfinders, Vicky Holland comes in each day fueled with equal parts enthusiasm and caffeine. Her genuine love for marketing galvanizes the entire staff and keeps bold, eye-opening strategic direction brewing. After almost forty years in the biz, work has never once become a daily grind to her. She’s fearless and fiercely determined to provide solid results in her strategic planning, brand positioning, and new-business goals.

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