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  • 4 Strategic Reasons to Use Video in Your Marketing Mix

    February 02, 2023 | About a 3 min read

    Blog, Marketing, Video

    4 Strategic Reasons to Use Video in Your Marketing Mix

    By Pathfinders Advertising
    February 02, 2023
    About a 3 MIN read

    Have you ever watched a video that just hooked you? That grabbed your attention, that you recalled days later and may have shared with friends?

    Why did that video grab you and stick with you?

    With 91% of businesses currently using video marketing (WyzOwl), it’s more important than ever that you are creating video content. And not just any video content. Compelling video content. Understanding the WHY behind compelling video content will help you get the best ROI for your brand.

    Here are 4 strategic reasons why you should have video in your marketing mix.

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    1. Your (potential) customers like to digest information via video

    At multiple stages of the conversion funnel, across multiple industries, video is the preferred medium by (potential) customers to digest information.

    In a survey by HubSpot, 54% of respondents said that they prefer to see video content from brands and businesses that they support. By comparison, only 17% prefer Downloadable PDFs.

    Launching a new product or service? Intro and explainer videos that educate your (potential) customers can help convert them from lookers to customers. 73% of respondents to the State of Video Marketing survey conducted by WyzOwl said that they prefer learning about new products via video over any other type of content.

    Trying to drive more sales? 88% of respondents said they’ve been convinced by a brand’s video to buy a product or service.

    2. Video grabs your (potential) customers’ attention

    Our eyes are attracted to movement, and video is the medium to which people pay the most attention (HubSpot).

    In addition to garnering more attention, video increases retention. Research by John Medina shows that after a 3-day period:

    • 10% of information that’s audio-only content is retained
    • 35% of information shared in primarily visual content is retained
    • Your ability to remember information jumps to 65% when it’s shared in content that has both visual and audio elements

    Case studies, testimonials, or other success stories can be powerful resources to help potential customers decide to purchase your product/service. Communicating this information via video allows you to tell more compelling, memorable stories than a downloadable PDF on your website.

    3. Video helps drive awareness, increases visibility

    From your website to social media platforms, video content can help greatly increase the visibility of your product/service. Because of user preferences these platforms often prioritize video content in their algorithms. Or, in the case of LinkedIn, they prioritize the amount of time that content is being viewed or read.

    Search engines like Google can make it 53 times more likely that a page from your website shows up on their first page if that website page has video (BrightEdge).

    User behavior is also an important factor. Think with Google found that around half of internet users sought out videos to learn more about a product or service before they visited the store.

    4. Video positively impacts a customer’s purchase decision-making

    The more confident your (potential) customer feels about deciding to purchase your product/service, the more likely they are to complete the purchase.

    Marketing campaigns with video content experienced 34% higher conversion rates (Unbounce). Additionally, 87% of marketers interviewed by WyzOwl said they’ve seen an increase in sales that they can attribute to their video marketing efforts.

    Create Compelling Video Content

    Allowing your (potential) customers to experience your message in an easy-to-digest, compelling communication like video can be a powerful tool in your marketing communications toolbox.

    Get inspired to create video content for your next campaign with these examples of work for the top 10 video marketing purposes for 2023.

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