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    March 18, 2022 | About a 4 min read

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    Industries Benefitting From Influencer Marketing

    By Pathfinders Advertising
    March 18, 2022
    About a 4 MIN read


    Influencer Marketing has always been around, it has just gone by many different names: spokesperson, testimonial, celebrity – even the “manager’s pick” on the video store shelf. Opinions from those who know, are trusted by many. Influencers who have built large, dedicated followings give product recommendations that people actually listen to. When it comes down to it, the root of influencer marketing is trust. An educated suggestion by someone who knows what they’re talking about. That’s why influencer marketing works – people follow accounts they trust for content that appeals to them.


    Influencer marketing has become so enticing because it’s a fast and efficient way to amplify your brand. On the other side of every screen, is a decision-maker — someone in the audience who can choose to give your product or service a try. The beauty of this is it translates far past the typical “influencer with a fun product” type post. Many industries can benefit from influencer marketing. 



    Influencers are probably most prevalent in consumer packaged goods industries. You may picture makeup, clothes, headphones, athletic gear, etc. The brand will send the influencer free product along with whatever the influencer’s fee is, and then the influencer will post with the actual product. They’ll give insight into the product, its efficacy, ease of use, value, so on and so forth … but this strategy is not limited to physical items.


    Since financial services can benefit a vast majority of people, financial brands have the option of utilizing two drastically different types of influencers to communicate to an audience:

    1. An expert in the world of finance who gives tips on investing and managing money.

    2. Someone who is anything but an expert — which allows them to showcase how easy this financial product is for everyone to use (an app, for example).

    It makes sense for a financial brand to use a mix of both when they are targeting a broad range of customers.


    When we mention tech and influencers, you probably picture Microsoft and Apple, who have massive influencer and celebrity partnerships – and always have. But smaller tech companies and app developers definitely have an opportunity to leverage influencer marketing as well! Since influencers typically develop an audience with content focused around a niche, tech companies focusing on solving a unique problem have a great opportunity to find the perfect influencer partner(s).


    Similarily to financial brands, insurance companies have an opportunity to appeal to a vast majority of people because we all have to have insurance for one thing or another. So in this instance, an influencer who is incredibly relatable with a following that fits your target demographic for the specified campaign is ideal. Whether it’s advice on the best insurance from an expert who knows or a recommendation from a non-expert on a great experience with a claim – trust is the common denominator.


    Sourcing talent looks different when you produce a large product like a vehicle. Many times, you’ll want to partner with someone who already owns a current version of your product. Or, find an influencer so aligned with your brand’s archetype that having your product is the last piece of the puzzle for them. You can get tremendous value from providing a micro- or macro-influencer a product trade for posting content (provided they have an audience that reflects their interests and affinities).  


    Influencer marketing may seem like it’s only for direct-to-consumer brands, but it can be beneficial for B2B companies as well. Major decision-makers at companies are listening! They’re online every day, absorbing information just like consumers.   

    • Influencers who are well-connected in their field can grab the attention of decision-makers in your industry.  
    • An elevated approach to influencer marketing that is effective in the B2B world (and all the others for that matter) is to have influencers author blog content, a YouTube video, or another form of partnership that goes beyond a one-off social post. Content marketing partnerships will bring extra attention and authenticity to your effort.  
    • This is an opportunity for potential partners to see the product in action, and existing partners to see the customer experience.  

    Ready to get started but recognize what a task finding the right influencers can be? Let’s connect! If you’re considering influencer marketing, we can evaluate your brand, help match you with the right influencers and even guide you toward a strategy that will fit your needs. 

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