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  • Understand Your Audience: Your Customer Database is Ripe for Research

    May 26, 2022 | About a 2 min read

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    Understand Your Audience: Your Customer Database is Ripe for Research

    By Pathfinders Advertising
    May 26, 2022
    About a 2 MIN read


    More and more data is showing how mismatched marketing and lack of personalization turns users off from brands (parcelLab).

    Understanding your audience doesn’t mean needing to spend a ton of money or time on fancy research and analysis There are quick and effective ways to use the data or people you have access to already in order to garner valuable learnings.

    Leveraging Your Existing Customer Database

    Your customer database is a great resource for information and people that can be tapped to shape your customer-facing marketing communications.

    Recommended Reading: Database Marketing: A Smart Investment For Your Business

    Real-World Example: Building a Better Brand

    Pathfinders recently partnered with the online bookseller Better World Books to develop their brand positioning work. As we worked on identifying what made the brand different from the competition and why people would shop there, we wanted to validate our understandings regarding:

    1. What their customers cared about
    2. Customer perception of the brand

    With time and budget a factor, we tapped into their current customer database to get some answers.

    What we Did

    We developed and distributed a 10-question survey that was designed to take participants about six minutes to fill out. Users were contacted via email and provided a link to the online questionnaire; additionally, they were promised a follow-up with a promo code if the survey was completed.

    Hand holding mobile phone that is displaying an example question from the survey that was sent to customers as part of the content marketing tactic

    The Results

    The survey responses helped us dive into their customers’ mindset, priorities, and motivations. The insights gained helped guide our branding decisions, and customers appreciated the chance to voice their feedback. A win-win for everyone.

    Working Smarter, Not Harder

    Before or at the planning stage for your next campaign or initiative, be sure to discuss with your agency partners what customer relationship information and tools you may have, such as a Customer Database. You may be able to get big-budget research results with a much lower budget research investment.

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