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  • By Kelly Ball

    Marketing Lessons from Dollar Shave Club

    March 18, 2014 | About a 2 min read

    Account Services, Blog, Copy/Copywriting, Creative, Marketing, Video

    Marketing Lessons from Dollar Shave Club

    By Kelly Ball
    March 18, 2014
    About a 2 MIN read


    Dollar Shave Club. Haven’t heard of it? Then you aren’t a dude. If you are a dude and still haven’t heard of it, you must not have the internet.

    For the unfamiliar, Dollar Shave Club (DSC) is a monthly service that sends fresh razors to your door. For $1, $6, or $9/month, you can ensure that your face never looks like a hack job. As a guy (even a somewhat hairless one like me), DSC saves me the pain in the ass of (1) having buy razor blades, (2) paying too much for them, and (3) going to work with blood stained tissue paper stuck to my face. What else could a man ask for?

    While their product/service is great, their marketing is even better, and we all could learn a few marketing lessons from the Dollar Shave Club.

    Lesson One – Be Authentic

    From day one, DSC knew who they were – and it was a reflection of one of their founders, Mike Dubin. Mike, a guy with a great sense of humor, helped DSC burst onto the scene in early 2012 with a video that went viral.

    Notice that I didn’t call it a viral video – there’s a difference. A video that goes viral is a well-written, creative execution that relates to its target audience. A viral video is something that sucks because they’re trying to get noticed.

    Lesson Two – Be Consistent

    A lot of brands take themselves too seriously, and it’s always refreshing to see someone who’s willing to take a risk – and stick with it. To me, DSC is the epitome of the Jester Archetype, and they carry their archetype into everything. From their initial video to subsequent tactics – they hit a home run on just about everything they touch.


    Lesson Three – Have a Vision

    While DSC started with merely razors, they have added complimentary products – shaving butter and one wipe charlies. Don’t know what one wipe charlies are? You can learn more in Mike’s video #2.

    I look forward to allowing Dollar Shave Club deeper into my personal life – because I know I’ll enjoy whatever they come up with next.

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    Kelly Ball

    As Vice President, Kelly hones in on the key idea that makes an effective strategy. He helps clients move their business forward through great execution and proven results. And, as befits a former collegiate swimmer, he does it all with lightning-fast marketing instincts, and doesn't rest until it's made a big splash with clients.

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