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  • Why Pinterest is the $#!t

    April 09, 2014 | About a 3 min read

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    Why Pinterest is the $#!t

    By Pathfinders Advertising
    April 09, 2014
    About a 3 MIN read


    If you’re a female between the ages of 19-30, then it’s obvious you love Pinterest. It’s the only place you can go to plan your wedding and the room decor of your first born child – even if you aren’t engaged and don’t have kids yet.

    While I’m a believer in Pinterest there are still plenty of people who are skeptical about it, especially the ones who think it’s only for women between the ages of 19-30. Once you’re able to move on from that growing-old stereotype, you’ll realize why Pinterest is for everybody – literally, everybody.

    They’ve proved their worth

    Many brands struggle when it comes to making the decision of starting a new social media channel. If you’re a Pinterest skeptic, chances are you didn’t know that Pinterest drives 4X more money per click than Twitter.

    One of the things I love about Pinterest is that they really listen to their audience. Pinterest is always evolving its technology; whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, or smart phone its flawless user experience will WOW you every time. They recently announced that the platform will now allow for unlimited secret boards due to frequent requests from its users. The ultimate example of “you asked, they listened.”

    And while 1/3 of women in the U.S. are currently on Pinterest, even men are starting to catch on. One guy took things to a whole new level when he surprised his girlfriend by proposing AND getting married in the same day. He got a hold of her Pinterest page and planned the big day by browsing through her 224 pins on her Dream Wedding Pinterest board. Men, take note…

    It’s more than brands spewing their products

    Brands who use Pinterest correctly don’t just post about their own products; in fact, some brands even have user-generated content to help populate their page. One example I see every day on Pinterest is Sephora’s board called Nailspotting, which features nail design photos from Sephora community members. This board is a great mesh between empowering the community, helping Pinterest users, and promoting Sephora products.

    photo 1

    Lowe’s provides a DIY (do-it-yourself) board called Build It! which features projects from external bloggers – all of which can be made from products purchased at Lowe’s.

    photo 2

    A paint retailer, Benjamin Moore, really thinks outside the box when it comes to their Pinterest page. They realized that pinning their product directly isn’t going to work – it would be like watching paint dry (haha, lol, rotfl). They manage to feature its own products while also creating a board around something people actually wanted to see more about – door paint colors.



    Citrix online takes their tagline – Empowering You to Work Better – quite literally on their Pinterest page. With boards that showcase creative ideas for home office design, inspiring workspaces, and infographics.

    photo 1


    Bottom line. JCrew debuted their entire fall catalog on Pinterest. It was a huge move for a company that, until a year ago, didn’t even have a social media department, nor a Pinterest account.

    photo 2

    Non Profit

    Like I said earlier, Pinterest is for everybody – even non profits. The P.INK Foundation uses Pinterest as its main website. The organization uses consistent branding as well as ways to connect with it directly via email and other social channels.



    In conclusion, Pinterest can do wonders for your business; but like all social channels, it must make sense for your business first.

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