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  • By Lauren Hough

    The Importance of Influencer Audience Data

    January 31, 2022 | About a 2 min read

    Blog, Social Media

    The Importance of Influencer Audience Data

    By Lauren Hough
    January 31, 2022
    About a 2 MIN read

    You come across an influencer who seems perfect. It’s exciting because they’re the exact demographic you’re looking for — plus they’re interested in all the right things! And the brand values — oh the brand values! They represent them so well! So…what could go wrong? Well, to put it bluntly, a lot.

    Let’s quickly review the main goal of influencer marketing: to target potential customers and convert them into paying customers. You obviously want your influencer partners to be a good representation of the brand and target demo, but you also need to ensure that their audience reflects that target demo as well. Otherwise, your money will be spent on people with no interest or need for your product.

    How To Access Audience Data

    It’s important to make data-driven decisions when partnering with an influencer, so you should gather their audience and engagement metrics to ensure their audience aligns with your target audience. A few popular ways of accessing audience data include:

    • Influencer marketing software
    • Free online resources
    • Media kits

    The Audience Data That Matters

    Audience Location

    Ensuring the majority of an influencer’s audience resides in the countries, states, or cities that your product is sold in is a huge step in ensuring you are spending your influencer marketing dollars the best way.  

    • Location needs vary by brand and sometimes even product
    • Influencer marketing software is essential for location targeting

    Audience Demographics

    Your target demographic includes things like age, gender, ethnicity, income, education, occupation, family status, and more. If your brand has not ironed out a target demographic for your brand or product(s), that needs to be done before beginning work on any influencer marketing strategies. For help identifying your ideal customers, head over to our blog post How to Identify and Profile Your Ideal Customer.

    Audience Interests and Brand Affinities

    Another reason to invest in a robust influencer marketing tool is the ability to look into an influencer’s audience’s main interests to ensure alignment with your brand’s products, and brand affinities will tell you what brands the audience follows.

    • Helps determine if the influencer’s audience’s interests align with your brand
    • Points to demographics like income levels, family status, etc.

    After reading this, you should be well on your way to a more strategic and data-driven approach to influencer marketing. With data leading the way, the opportunities for influencer marketing are endless.   

    Ready to get started but are stuck deciding what your next step should be? Let’s connect! If you’re considering influencer marketing, we can evaluate your brand, help match you with the right influencers, and guide you toward a strategy that will fit your needs.  

    Lauren Hough

    A native Floridian (and current Californian), Lauren has a passion for how digital storytellers can bring a brand to life. Early on in her career, she recognized the importance of bridging the gap between company and consumer through authentic online voices and has never looked back. Her favorite thing about influencer marketing? That it has the power to completely revolutionize a brand, no matter the size.

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