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  • Understanding the Candidate Mindset & What You Can Do About It

    June 15, 2022 | About a 4 min read

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    Understanding the Candidate Mindset & What You Can Do About It

    By Pathfinders Advertising
    June 15, 2022
    About a 4 MIN read

    Many employers are facing a qualified worker shortage and cannot hire fast enough to meet marketplace demands.

    In an excerpt from our newest eBook — “How Marketing Departments Can Impact Today’s Recruiting Challenges” — we explore some ways that marketing can empower employers to impact and influence candidates in their decision-making process.

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    While today’s employer/employee relationship is a hot topic for just about everyone these days, the core elements of how candidates make decisions has not fundamentally changed.  

    They decide which companies or opportunities they want to consider.  

    They then evaluate those companies to determine which ones are worth pursuing further.  

    Once their evaluation is complete, they apply for the opportunities that are right for them.  

    Candidate Decision Stage: Consideration 

    At this point, a candidate is seeking potential opportunities, and may have a few organizations they are considering. In fact, companies that are part of a candidate’s initial consideration list are 3x more likely to be the organization they end up working for. Below are key items to think about during this stage. 

    Decision Stage Objectives: 

    • Enter into a candidate’s consideration set 
    • Position your company as a viable employment option 

    Questions We Want to Answer: 

    • Is this organization worth considering?  
    • Can I get excited about working for an organization like this?  

    What to Prioritize:  

    • Local Market Activations (media, local events, etc.) – For many companies, executing a local market strategy for recruiting could be an interesting play.  
    • Digital Media Activations – Deploy digital media targeting individuals with the desired experience to raise awareness about your organization as an employer.  
    • Awards and Ratings – Applying for employment-related awards can help enter your brand into a candidate’s consideration set. Some awards to consider: 
      • Local awards from publications or chambers of commerce. In Indiana, our state chamber of commerce has an annual Best Places to Work in Indiana survey that recognizes the top organizations to work for in various categories. It’s likely your state or region has one, too.
      • National awards/ratings. Many publications offer lists of top employers in various categories. If you’re in a specific industry or have a constituency you often recruit (e.g., veterans), you can explore getting an accreditation or badge from these organizations. 

    Candidate Decision Stage: Evaluation 

    At this point, a candidate is evaluating whether you are the right fit for them. Below are key items to think about during this stage. 

    Decision Stage Objectives: 

    • Bring the employment “experience” to life  
    • Answer common questions they may have 
    • Get them excited about being part of the team 

    Questions We Want to Answer: 

    • What is it like to work there? 
    • What do they stand for?  
    • Can I envision myself being part of this team? 
    • Do their values align with mine? 
    • Do they prioritize my career growth? 

    What to Prioritize:  

    • Careers Page/Site – It is important to create this with a candidate-forward mindset, designed to make a lasting impression. This should highlight success stories of real employees, answer common questions, and bring your employment brand to life. A candidate should be able to interact with this channel and leave sufficiently educated about the organization and what you have to offer.  
    • Review Sites (e.g. Glassdoor) – You should make sure you are participating in the narrative around what employees (former and current) are saying about what it’s like to work for your organization. While you can’t control what gets posted, you should respond to the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

    Candidate Decision Stage: Apply 

    At this point, a candidate has their list narrowed down to the organizations they want to consider, and their experience as a candidate has an impact on their final decision.  

    Decision Stage Objectives: 

    • Ensure candidates know the various steps in the process 
    • Be transparent about their candidacy and what to expect 
    • Set candidates up for success 

    Questions We Want to Answer: 

    • How many conversations will I need to have? 
    • What will make me stand out? 
    • How can I be successful throughout the process? 

    What to Prioritize:  

    • Outreach Interactions – No matter the channel (email, social, phone, etc.), it is important the candidate is engaged throughout the process. Don’t be afraid to have fun with this. Make the name of the account sending interview calendar invites “Join the Team.” Send them a pre-interview video to help them prepare for their time with the team. Whatever you do, try to make the experience memorable – as the little touches may make the difference between a yea or a neigh.  
    • Follow-up Interactions – Candidates often complain about falling into a black hole when it comes to responses from recruiters and hiring managers. Don’t let that happen to your candidates, and provide timely feedback on their application and status.  
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