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    Pathfinders Celebrity Look-alikes

    September 09, 2014 | About a 1 min read

    Blog, Inside PF

    Pathfinders Celebrity Look-alikes

    By Andrew Sears
    September 09, 2014
    About a 1 MIN read

    We work with many clients, both locally and internationally. For some of us, we never get to meet them face to face and shake their hand, although that is what we strive for.

    If you are our client, or are an individual who reads our weekly posts, you may be interested in putting a face with a name – it’s our human nature. Not only would we like to show you some of our wonderful Pathfinder faces, besides our silly team photo, we would also like to add a twist.

    Every so often you might hear about a doppelgänger out there, wandering around, but it’s not often you have photographic proof of their existence or that they are celebrities!

    We put together a few PF look-alikes – but it’s up for debate whether we’re crazy or spot on. Let us know what you think…maybe you have some suggestions of your own.


    Val Kilmer - Andrew Sears Val Kilmer – Andrew Sears


    Nancy Diane Lane – Nancy Ball


    Denzel Washington - Anthony Higginbotham Denzel Washington – Anthony Higginbotham


    Steve Ian McKellen – Steve Ball


    Patrick Stewart - JP Robertson Patrick Stewart – JP Robertson


    Lisa Kudrow - Jane Wise Lisa Kudrow – Jane Wise


    Garrett Gingerich Chris Evans – Garrett Gingerich


    Ryan Gosling - Jake Wozniak Ryan Gosling – Jake Wozniak


    James Sean Astin – James Jursinic


     Nicholas Cage Kelly Ball Nicolas Cage – Kelly Ball


    Lauren Jennifer Lawrence – Lauren Brown


    Rybo Jonathan Lipnicki – Ryan Bonnell


    Matthew Gray Gubler - Padraic Fitzgerald Matthew Gray Gubler – Padraic Fitzgerald


    Sandra Bullock - Vicky Holland Sandra Bullock – Vicky Holland


    Richard Brad Garrett – Richard Abbott

    Now that we are uniquely and weirdly acquainted, stay updated with what our team is up to with our monthly e-newsletter. We won’t disappoint.

    Andrew Sears

    A Senior Art Director with award-winning experience in graphic design, photography and interactive media, Andrew can multi-task on multiple jobs with a multitude of skills. An off-road enthusiast (with the mud-encrusted Jeep as proof), he keeps designs clean and on target. Applying a fine art sensibility, Andrew transforms each project into a marketing masterpiece.

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