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  • By Kelly Ball

    4 Web Principles to Follow On EVERY Website

    July 18, 2017 | About a 2 min read

    Account Services, Blog, Creative, Digital, Marketing

    4 Web Principles to Follow On EVERY Website

    By Kelly Ball
    July 18, 2017
    About a 2 MIN read

    Guess what? The internet is not going anywhere. Shocking, I know. So, as long as it’s here to stay, I figured I would share a few key web principles marketers should follow to ensure that their site exceeds their end-user’s expectations.

    Principle #1

    Put Yourself In your User’s Shoes

    Many marketers are more focused on what it is they want to say about themselves, instead of focusing on what their users are looking for. By stepping into a user’s shoes, marketers can make user-experience decisions much easier – from navigation and structure to content blocks and call outs.

    Principle #2

    Think Mobile First

    With over 71% of global web traffic coming through mobile devices, not accommodating for a mobile experience is a huge turn-off to your visitors. They will leave you faster than Selena Gomez to Justin Bieber.

    While the literal interpretation of this principle is important, if you dive deeper, thinking mobile first also prepares your organization to recognize and embrace new opportunities on the internet and forces you to think and innovate in new ways. For example, it may help you organize how you tell your story with fewer words, or what text to highlight prominently. A great resource to wrap your head around this principle is Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski.

    Principle #3

    No One Reads on the Web

    I can prove it to you. According to Jakob Nielsen (a recognized authority on online user experience), less than 20% of the text content is actually read on an average web page. Further, if a user does not find what they’re looking for quickly, they’ll leave and find it somewhere else.

    So, quit thinking what you have to say is important – because I can guarantee you – it’s not.

    Principle #4

    Anyone Can Manufacture Pixels

    Development team….it’s not what you think. Having good developers is important; however, a developers output has a direct correlation to the input they receive. Without things like great creative, sound navigation, thoughtful content, etc. – a developer will never deliver upon their potential.

    It’s more important to spend time and money on how the site will support business objectives, lead nurturing, and your off-line strategy – than cool development functionality.

    Follow these principles and you’ll enjoy long-term website bliss.

    You’re welcome.

    Kelly Ball

    As Vice President, Kelly hones in on the key idea that makes an effective strategy. He helps clients move their business forward through great execution and proven results. And, as befits a former collegiate swimmer, he does it all with lightning-fast marketing instincts, and doesn't rest until it's made a big splash with clients.

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