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  • PF Peeps: Acquaint Yourself With Nancy

    September 28, 2017 | About a 3 min read

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    PF Peeps: Acquaint Yourself With Nancy

    By Pathfinders Advertising
    September 28, 2017
    About a 3 MIN read


    Nancy Ball  is a positive can-do force at Pathfinders. From Spanish translations to benefit questions – our needs are met quickly and with a smile. She can adapt and problem solve – and is the driving force behind two things our clients enjoy – our holiday greetings and our PF Peeps section on  Here’s Nancy in her own words and you will see how her sparks light us up!

    At Work

    How would you describe Pathfinders?

    Well, Pathfinders has four facets. The Account side requires seeing the big picture of how to achieve results, how to best communicate a message, and what the message will be. The Creative side takes a marketing idea and provides options for ways to engage our clients and their constituency. The Social Media area creates relevant and meaningful messages for our clients. The Digital side creates websites and facilitates navigation for all types of computer and mobile access.

    What have you learned from working with a client?

    The best work is accomplished when all sides are focused on the same goal.

    Most fun activity or project with Pathfinders team?

    I loved doing a Convention and Visitor’s Bureau branding for Downtown South Bend that incorporated a series of billboard ideas to make the area attract visitors from across the country.  It made me appreciate what a vibrant community South Bend, Indiana, really is and how special living here is. Ok – that and the fact that I got to be part of the photo shoot.  Click here and see if you can find me.

    Perfect happiness in the workplace?

    Looking forward to walking in the door every day and feeling fulfilled when leaving.


    What is special about working in an Advertising & Marketing agency in Mishawaka?

    It is a friendly place with all the amenities of big city living in a welcoming environment. Pathfinders is actually located on Park Place – so it is no coincidence that the parking is usually, well, Free Parking.

    At Play

    Favorite movie type?

    Anything that requires some thinking and keeps me guessing.  Tom Cruise and Matt Damon seem to be in this type of movie . . . and I am not sure which is the number one area of importance – the theme or the actor.

    Favorite books?

    Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand; A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens; The Holy Man by Susan Trott; currently reading Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.

    Favorite activity?

    Walking or biking – or any activity in which a family member participates.


    Greatest talent?

    I enjoy trying things – but don’t have to achieve greatness at it to be happy. Hummm – maybe that’s why I can find friends that enjoy playing with me since I rarely win.

    Your most treasured accomplishment?

    Staying active!

    You may not know…

    Skill you would like to master?

    Wakeboarding!  It seems like an easy transition from skiing on two skis, but it still alludes me.

    Favorite beverage?

    After being a diet soda fan for my entire life – I now covet hot or warm water.  I do know that this is probably not exciting to everyone – but it makes me just feel healthy to put it into writing.  So, thank you!

    Favorite view?

    Ducks swimming on a perfectly calm lake with colorful leaves reflecting around them.

    Favorite music?

    Salsa or danceable Pop Music – both always bring joy!

    Most unique accomplishment?

    I speak Spanit!  No one has ever heard of it because it is a combination of Spanish and Italian that only I speak and no one else can understand.  In case there was ever any doubt, producing Spanit on my own made me realize that I needed an Italian teacher if I would ever successfully speak and understand Italian!

    Nancy’s motto?


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