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  • Trade Show Prep: Items To Check Off The To-Do List

    February 11, 2016 | About a 3 min read

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    Trade Show Prep: Items To Check Off The To-Do List

    By Pathfinders Advertising
    February 11, 2016
    About a 3 MIN read


    A new year means a new slew of trade shows for every industry to enjoy and attend. Trade shows can be big, small, or anything in-between. Here at Pathfinders, we spend lots of time during each year helping clients prep for trade shows.

    Check out our high-level list of things to be aware of during your planning process!

    Have you secured your space?

    This is a big one. No space? No display. All shows have a unique floor plan, and companies pay to secure certain spaces to be used for their display area.

    Do you know your booth number?

    Knowing this helps you communicate to others where to find you. It’s a bit more direct than saying “over here between Company A and Company B.”

    Do you need a display (banner, traditional or interactive booth graphics, show piece)?

    This may seem like a no-brainer, but different situations call for different displays. The eccentric ones always get noticed, but there are ways to keep the quality without breaking the bank.

    What’s your location (end, middle, etc.) or booth layout?

    This is more for your knowledge, as your position could determine different display options. If you have a spot on the end of a row, you may have a bit more room to place things, as well as have increased visibility. Or, if you’re in-between two different companies, space could be limited for you to use. Not to mention, it’s imperative to know your booth layout when designing various graphics for accurate spec measurements.

    What or who’s around you?

    It’s always nice to know what kind of companies (or competitors) will be vying for show-goers attention right next door. 

    What furniture is provided or available?

    Do you have meeting areas with tables and chairs? Or do you need to provide the furniture? More often than not, shows will have some furniture for your use, but it’s still a must-ask question.

    What’s the electricity and Wi-Fi situation?

    Need power to light up that awesome LED display? Do you have iPads that require having your website actively showing? It’s important to know your outlet situation in order to plan your display. More times than not, if Wi-Fi is unavailable, private network packages are available for purchase.

    Do you need collateral or swag?

    What do people remember the most? Cool, FREE stuff. Having your branding/logo on shirts, water bottles, etc. leave people with items that they may have around for awhile. The key is to think about practical things that are easy for attendees to carry around.

    Do you need something interactive (iPads, demos, etc.)?

    Have a new website or app you want to show off, or a new product you want to showcase? Having an area of your booth dedicated to interactive activity may be a wise thing to look in to.

    Do you know your show rep (in case of questions during setup or the show)?

    Your rep is there to make the hectic trade show planning process a little easier. Don’t be afraid to ask ANY question, it’s their job to accommodate you as best they can.

    Trade show planning takes A LOT of work, but it can be a fun process. Having a high-level understanding of what things you need to know/need to be prepared for will make your next show a walk in the park!

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