Why You Need To Rethink Your Instagram Strategy

By Lauren Brown, September 29, 2016 // Digital, Marketing, Social Media

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There are various ways to market your brand on Instagram, and your  way may look different than others, depending on who you are and what you sell or offer – each company’s methods on Instagram depend upon culture, style, audience, and objectives.

Always keep in mind there is not a cookie cutter plan that applies to every brand across the board. Your brand may have a different Instagram approach dependent upon who your audience is and how they are looking to connect with you.

There are 3 brands I follow on Instagram that I believe are successful in their approach to connecting their brand to their audience’s expectations.

Let’s dive in and analyze.

1. Wendy’s

wendys instagram bio

I don’t really eat at @WENDYS, but I follow them on Instagram.

Ok, maybe I do the fries-dipped-in-Frosty combo every now and again. But, nonetheless, I think I make an interesting and important point when making this statement. Why would someone follow a brand’s social channel without being a loyal customer?

Food art.

We see examples time and time again, such as Sonic’s square shakes designed for Instagram photos, that make us realize the power of beautiful food on social media. Wendy’s specifically targets people who love food art – myself included.

i order meals based on what will look best on instagram
Every one of Wendy’s posts are artistically curated with warm tones and are symmetrically composed. They play the Instagram square very well and use the symmetry to their advantage. It’s not by happenstance these images are easy on the eye; they’ve thought it through. Their color and composition methods ensure their profile’s overview page looks clean and consistent.

collage of wendys instagram post images

Neutrals and red are their motifs, and they stick to it. Notice the red nails and neutral clothing with hints of red? They’re not trying to make it obvious, but simply make the transition from photo-to-photo on their Instagram profile visually smooth and seamless.

Lastly, their social presence does not intend to sell, sell, sell. They’re here to intrigue your eye without you feeling sold-to. Eventually, your mouth will water, interest will peak, and you will find yourself at the Wendy’s drive-thru. They’re not afraid of slow-marketing tactics. They don’t need to throw their value prop in your face – just simple food art, where the beauty sells itself.

They communicate their classic brand through a warm, hip, artistic manner… and their audience likes it.

2. Blaze Pizza

blaze pizza instagram bio

@BLAZEPIZZA knows how to make the public feel a part of their pizza-foodie excitement.

Their audience are those individuals who not only love pizza, but love community and want to feel connected. Instead of making people’s mouth water, they show that pizza is fun and a place for community.

pizza seven days a week ecard

Both customers and employees feel a part of the Blaze Pizza family with how the channel interacts with users and creates authentic imagery. Much of their content is shared from customers’ profiles (i.e. User Generated Content or UGC). Other posts are shot inside or outside of a location, showing the community of pizza lovers having a fun food-frenzie TOGETHER.

blaze pizza instagram image posts

I would venture to say there’s not much aesthetic flare to their page. But, in Blaze’s case, it’s not as big of an issue. Given that their main goal is to portray community and a sense of belonging, they’re on the right track.

They root for the everyday, pizza-loving person. They know it, and show it.

3. Packed Party

packed party instagram bio

I’m convinced @PACKEDPARTY sells joy. And I’m sold.

Their products portray everything fun about sending your best friend a pick-me-up gift when things get rough, a surprise when they live long distance, when it’s time to celebrate a promotion, etc.

Packed Party understands their audience: girls who wanna have fu-un. The majority of the packages they sell online include bright colors, confetti, and sparkle – and they use their products as a launching pad for social. The look and feel of their products are utilized as a style-platform for their content. Every single post includes vibrant colors and flashy visuals – key for how they want to portray themselves.

my girl wants to party all the time e-card

In addition, they are not afraid to compose subjects within the frame in a genuine manner – with multiple items, patterns, rows, and piles of objects—similar to how you may find them at home or at a party. Their busy frames are tactfully created and portrays carefree celebration—what their joyful brand believes in. Across a large portion of their posts, they consistently create them with an organized and beautifully-busy approach.

packed party instagram image posts

Lastly, Packed Party doesn’t need their products to be included in all posts – they’re willing to let go of the sale aspect and post a photo of a rainbow-painted house or a hand-crafted inspirational phrase. Photos like these pull their celebratory vision together and make them more relatable to their followers.

Instagram Tactic Takeaways

As you can see, there are various ways to market your brand on Instagram, and your  way may look different than others, depending on who you are and what you sell or offer. As always, only apply what makes sense for your brand. Instagram profiles aren’t meant to be cookie cutter versions of each other. Be creative and strategic in how you put your best foot forward into the social world.

And remember, Instagram was created as a visually-appealing channel for brands to show some character, not created to be used as an in-your-face selling platform. People are there to be intrigued, connected with, and yes, possibly purchase something along the way. Sales don’t have to be instant with every post.

If it’s right for your brand and your audience, don’t be afraid of taking the slow-marketing approach on Instagram. They’ll thank you.


Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown

With skills developed from managing her own lifestyle photography business, our Account Executive ensures each client’s strategic vision stays clearly in focus. A record-setting high-school hurdler, Lauren’s a social media whiz kid who smoothly handles any obstacles in her way to keep projects moving swiftly and successfully across the finish line.

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