When to Activate Influencers

And how to do it effectively
By Kayla Baratz, February 8, 2022 // Social Media

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By bringing an influencer into your marketing campaign you are often reaching a large audience who, ideally, has already demonstrated they are interested in brands like yours, all while showing off your product in an authentic way.

Here are a few of the most impactful times to harness the power of influencer marketing.


Brand Awareness

Brand awareness and amplification are some of the biggest benefits of influencer marketing. An influencer can get your name out there, so more people can try your product. Remember, an influencer’s audience considers them experts in their niches and they take their recommendations seriously.

As your audience reach increases, your sales will increase. By having an influencer share your product’s features and benefits, you are giving people a reason to want to purchase from your brand.

Product Launches

Typically, the influencer will receive the product before it is released in order to share why it is great, what makes it stand out from already existing products, etc. By having the influencer create a sense of urgency to purchase the product, prepare for it selling out fast.

Topical Themes

If your brand is focused on a big promotion surrounding a specific theme, this is an opportunity to partner with an influencer who is passionate about your theme of choice. By sharing something that has a larger theme you are giving people a reason to listen and a stronger sense of value.

Some of the biggest attention-getters

Now that you’ve determined some of the best times to activate influencers, these are some of the most effective ways to get people’s attention. Free or discounted stuff!

  • Promo Codes – By giving your influencer the rights to share a promo code with their audience you have a better way to track the ROI of the influencer marketing campaign, drive engagement, and ultimately lead to higher interest in what it is you’re trying to sell. Additionally, by giving an influencer a personalized code, you are giving them the opportunity to make some money as well.
  • Affiliate Links – Allowing your influencer to make some sort of commission from what you’re selling will give them more of a drive to promote effectively.
  • Giveaways – By having an influencer help launch or promote a product with a giveaway, you are generating buzz and interest around the product. A prize acts as an incentive for the audience to engage and gain interest in what you are sharing. Also, it is a great opportunity to increase engagement and gain followers quickly, getting a lot more traffic to your brand’s page.

Tried and True WayGive your influencer your product, let them use it, and tell everyone about it.

If you have an opportunity around the corner that would be ideal for influencer support, we can help! Our team can find the right partners for you and set you up for a successful influencer campaign.


Kayla Baratz
Kayla Baratz

Kayla Baratz, an Influencer Specialist, has a strong administrative background paired with a creative mindset. She is passionate about having an out-of-the box approach while still being an efficient and successful marketer. She is a New Yorker (and a current Floridian) with a go-getter attitude and always looking for the next step forward. By having a keen aesthetic sense and an eye for quality content, she has proven herself as incredibly resourceful in all things influencer marketing.

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