Social Media Images 101: Sizing Guidelines

By Jackie Stevens, February 9, 2016 // Creative, Social Media

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Take a look at your Facebook News Feed. It probably has a handful of videos, images, and links to articles—depending on the people and brands you follow. The variations of visuals are abundant.

But have you noticed how many different sized images live on your News Feed?

You might have a square image or a rectangular image (horizontal or vertical). They might be big! They might be small. But it varies, and that’s to be expected right?

Maybe on your News Feed. Never for your brand page.

So what’s our secret to creating images for social?


When we started into the social game, we realized that consistency was the most important factor. Consistency means your brand page has no visual distractions. Consistency means a uniform look—important if you want to come across as having a cohesive brand identity.

Consistency also means efficiency. You don’t want to fuss getting your cover photo on Facebook to fit just right, or having your profile picture too small that it’s blurry.

That’s why we keep a handy sizing guide on hand—so we always know what size the different elements of our page have to be.


Check out our guidelines for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram below:

FACEBOOK Cover Photo

828 x 315 px

TWITTER Header Photo

1500 x 500 px

PROFILE Image – Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

400 x 400 px

SQUARE Image – Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

1200 x 1200 px

LINK Post (Facebook)

1200 x 630 px


1200 x Unrestricted px (Until otherwise noted)

Keep In Mind

While it’s smart to have a guide to follow, social media changes fast and often. Make sure you’re always up to date! You don’t want to find yourself in a bind if Facebook changes the size of cover photos or images you can post.

But always remember: be consistent! Knowing what size images you’ll be posting saves you time and makes your brand page look cohesive and professional.


Jackie Stevens
Jackie Stevens

Jackie’s hobby is roller derby, where her nickname’s Jack & DeckHer, so she’s one Graphic Designer who knows how to create a powerful impact. Sweet, friendly, and easygoing when not wearing skates, Jack & DeckHer’s dazzling artistic style and marketing savvy keeps our clients rolling down the right strategic track.

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