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  • By Kayla Baratz

    Social Methodology at Pathfinders

    March 16, 2022 | About a 2 min read

    Marketing, Social Media

    Social Methodology at Pathfinders

    By Kayla Baratz
    March 16, 2022
    About a 2 MIN read

    Social Methodology at Pathfinders

    Social media is not always so cut and dried. Do this, say that, post here, etc. Our team at Pathfinders has created a secret sauce that has proven to be a successful social media strategy. Our methodology is based on the intersection of platform technology and human connection. We are a group of people who do everything in our power to gather emotional and engaging responses from our audiences. This idea comes from what we call Triangulating Truths.

    Triangulating Truths

    From concept to final post, triangulating human truths with seasonal relevancy, target motivation, and product information bring our messaging to life in a way that is not only measurable but meaningful.

    • What does your target audience want from you and the brand?
    • What is topical about the quarter you are posting (Super Bowl, July 4th)?
    • How can we share what we need the world to know about our product?

    Here at Pathfinders, we don’t recommend posting without a solid content strategy and plan. We strive to focus on engaging content that will almost always provide a much stronger emotional connection to your audience. We home in on how we can be relevant in the audience’s eyes — here and now.

    The Process

    • Understanding
      • We want to be sure we understand what your business stands for, who it is you are trying to reach, and the ultimate goal you are trying to achieve with each individual campaign.
    • Strategy Development
      • Strategizing together based on the triangulating truths of your current campaign is a key component in the process. We create a strategy based on these truths along with concepts mapped to frequency and specific platforms.
    • Creative Development
      • Bringing your message to life using appropriate art, copy, hashtags and all that good social media lingo is not only exciting but essential!
    • Deployment
      • Getting your content out there using all the right social media vehicles is a huge step. We will create a proper schedule and post as needed.
    • Analyze and Apply
      • The fun part! Looking back at what worked (and what didn’t) based on key performance indicators. Now, we can understand and learn in order to apply it back into strategy moving forward.

    Ready for success on social? Let’s chat! Your brand’s social presence has the potential to make a huge difference in sales.

    Kayla Baratz

    Kayla Baratz, an Influencer Specialist, has a strong administrative background paired with a creative mindset. She is passionate about having an out-of-the box approach while still being an efficient and successful marketer. She is a New Yorker (and a current Floridian) with a go-getter attitude and always looking for the next step forward. By having a keen aesthetic sense and an eye for quality content, she has proven herself as incredibly resourceful in all things influencer marketing.

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