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  • By Vicky Holland

    Breast Cancer Sucks!

    October 31, 2014 | About a 2 min read

    Account Services, Blog, Inside PF, Marketing

    Breast Cancer Sucks!

    By Vicky Holland
    October 31, 2014
    About a 2 MIN read


    We’re reminded to be aware of breast cancer during the month of October, but it’s so important that we remain mindful of it throughout the year. Breast cancer touches many – the statistics say 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer. I was one of those women in 2012 and I’ve since met many others who have been diagnosed and are now survivors.

    The Michiana community is home to a large non-profit base of organizations, several of which provide services to women in need of support, education, and healthcare. One of these amazing local organizations is the Kelly Cares Foundation, founded by Paqui Kelly. Paqui is a two-time breast cancer survivor herself, so she has a unique perspective on what other women are going through during what is a very scary time.

    Breast cancer has affected several members of our team here at Pathfinders – so we like to pay it forward when we can by getting involved. Recently, the dynamic foursome of Kerry Bonk, Nancy Ball, and yours truly hit the golf course for a nine-hole scramble at the Kelly Cares Annual Golf Outing. I believe that more laughing takes place than actual golfing, but it’s for a great cause, so who cares! We raise money, have fun, and know we’re making a small difference in a huge fight to cure cancer.


    So how can you get involved with the fight against breast cancer, or with whatever cause inspires you? It’s easy. Here are some thought starters:

    1. Research the organizations in your community

    Google is a great starting point. Then, dig a little deeper by researching each organization to determine which one you feel most aligned with and passionate about.

    2. See if they need volunteers

    Most non-profit organizations have a lot to do and not enough people to get it done, so see if your time and talents could be put to good use.

    3. Get on the board

    As a board member, you can get involved at an even deeper level. These commitments can be three to six years, so make sure you’re able to invest the time.

    4. Participate in fundraising activities

    Non-profit organizations are made possible by donations and fundraising activities. They need you to run, walk, paint, and buy stuff – it all adds up to their success and viability.

    5. Understand where the funds go

    I personally like to know the funds stay in our community and that the dollars are helping women right here in Michiana.

    The most important thing you can do for yourself is to pursue what inspires you. Volunteer for an organization you love and know that your heart is in it. I have a heart for women who have gone through similar battles in their life as I have in mine – and I have a passion for finding a cure. I volunteer alongside them because it’s what inspires me – and because of that, my volunteering has been nothing but fulfilling.

    Vicky Holland

    As an energetic industry veteran and Chief Growth Officer of Pathfinders, Vicky Holland comes in each day fueled with equal parts enthusiasm and caffeine. Her genuine love for marketing galvanizes the entire staff and keeps bold, eye-opening strategic direction brewing. After almost forty years in the biz, work has never once become a daily grind to her. She’s fearless and fiercely determined to provide solid results in her strategic planning, brand positioning, and new-business goals.

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