PF Peeps: Hangin’ with Ryan Bonnell

By Nancy Ball, March 25, 2015 // Inside PF

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PF Peeps is our special way of spotlighting individual Pathfinders personalities at work and play, and an avenue for our readers to discover things they may have never known about our peeps. We all have unique personalities – and believe ours warrant sharing!

Showcasing Ryan Bonnell – our Rybo – is fun because he brings an energetic, and sometimes hilarious, flare to the office environment. So – open your peepers and get to know our Peep of the Month.

At Work

What’s special about working in an advertising and marketing agency in Mishawaka?
I get exposed to a group of amazing brands, and I get to stay in my hometown. What’s better than hitting the links for 18 holes in the summer and attending Notre Dame hockey games in the winter? I could go on and on…but I’ll just stop at “it’s awesome.”

Your favorite location in the office?
My own little hobbit hole. Seriously! I work in the back corner of the upstairs…no one knows I’m there and my productivity is through the roof.

Work methods?
Music + work = productivity


Absolutely have to have in your workspace?
My trusty ol’ Ball Jar. I’m a graduate of Ball State University (the Balls got famous from the Ball Jar), I work at Pathfinders, founded by Stephen Ball, a.k.a The House of Ball. Oh, and I also drink water out of it, which is pretty important too.

Favorite software?
At Pathfinders, it’s Skype. I can do a face to face with the team or clients while still holed up in my corner of the building. For my music addiction, it is Spotify. Okay, that may not be an actual software…but man, it’s essential to my everyday work life.

At Play

Favorite super hero?
It’s Spider-Man. I can really relate to Peter Parker, the geeky kid with a super hero inside. Besides, what else would I wear on Halloween?



Greatest love of your life?
The Indianapolis Colts.

Living person you most admire?
Bruce Springsteen: he represents that loose cannon teenager in all of us who works hard to get where he wants to be. “Someday, girl, I don’t know when, we’re gonna get to that place where we really wanna go, and we’ll walk in the sun. But till then, tramps like us, baby we were born to run.”

College roommates today?
They are leading successful post-college lives. I’m lucky enough to know an evening DJ, a Personal Banker, and a Logistical Sales Guru.

Favorite series?
There’s a three-way tie: Mad Men/The Newsroom/Breaking Bad. We started a lunch group here at PF to watch the Breaking Bad series together. It gave us a chance to discuss the jaw-dropping antics of Heisenberg together.

Pathfinders Mad Men wanna-be’s

You May Not Know…

What is one thing that others might be surprised to know about you?
I aspire to have the greatest sock collection known to mankind. Seriously, I’m a sockaholic. If I had to pick, my favorite pair would be my bright blue ones with bacon & eggs all over them!



Most sophisticated word used in conversation?

Greatest talent?
If I try…I can hit a golf ball straight up in the air and hit it on the way down. Talent or Curse? You decide.

Cheesiest expression?

Who inspires you the most?
Peyton Manning: He’s the best at his craft, relatable to every day fans, and he showed the world it was okay to have a constant red forehead mark after wearing a football helmet.

Ryan’s motto?


Nancy Ball
Nancy Ball

We'd be lost without Nancy, who’s our Office Manager and Company Mom. She handles our monthly birthday celebrations. She cheerfully explains HR policies, insurance programs, 401(k) plans, and other paperwork-filled issues. She takes care of our office supply inventory. And she makes everyone feel welcome and brightens everyone's day with her ever-present smile.

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