PF Peeps: Hangin’ with Jane Basker

By Nancy Ball, April 30, 2015 // Inside PF

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PF Peeps is our special way of spotlighting individual Pathfinders personalities at work and play, an avenue to discover things about our peeps. We all have unique personalities – and believe ours warrant sharing!

Jane Basker is an icon of composure and calm. She is our Scheduling and Traffic Manager; which means on a daily basis she helps direct timelines, keeps all projects in line, and organizes them as they come up/down our halls and in/out our Pathfinders doors.

Here’s a peek into her great personal style and flair as well as her organized ways that we all appreciate. So – we present our Fascinating Jane as Peep of the Month.

At Work

Admired quality in co-workers?
Being able to keep all the plates spinning at the same time on a continual basis.

Favorite tool at the office?
Multi-colored highlighters and my bright pink log book keep me organized, so “favorite” may be a stretch – let’s say necessity.


Last thing you do at the office?
I finish logging in my time, tidy up a bit and push my chair in under the desk. Just can’t stand to leave things in a mess!

How to make sense of different projects?
Every project should follow a process in a specific order:

1) Project brief
2) Estimate
3) Budget

It keeps out the chaos.

Favorite medium?
I’m pretty tactile and I love selecting different kinds of paper. I enjoy how an ink reacts on different surfaces and the impact of color and varnishes.

At Play

Weather preference?
Cold, blustery winter storm. Yes, really!  What can I say, I’m from the U.P.

Most frequent trip?
Galena, Illinois. Every year my husband’s family has a reunion in this great little historic town with lots of antiques. I always find some little treasure to bring back with me.

Preferred type of show to enjoy?
I love big, epic costume dramas or mysteries – period pieces mainly. If it has set or costume design & detail, I’m in. I enjoy the detail in anything. You can’t really miss with Masterpiece Theater.

First thing you do in the am?
I usually get up and greet my two little pets before I do anything else with kisses on the heads or picking them up before the usual routine starts. Our two little cats get a lot of attention.


Most beautiful part of every day?
I’m definitely a morning person. I love seeing the sun break the horizon. I look forward to great possibilities in the day ahead.

You May Not Know…

Any special collections?
I’ve had a shoe obsession since I was little. Heels, boots, flats, sandals or slippers, my go-to’s are one of a number of Superga’s. I’ve been known to build an outfit around the shoes.


Favorite authors?
I love classics, Jane Austin and Agatha Christie are favorites plus, Jan Karon is a writer that I return to over and over. Her Mitford Series is full of depth and character never gets old.


Favorite animal?
Cats and dogs equally – how can you choose??

Preferred food?
Anything with potatoes – just not French Fries!

Favorite color?
White. I love crisp clean and classic colors.

Jane’s motto?



Nancy Ball
Nancy Ball

We'd be lost without Nancy, who’s our Office Manager and Company Mom. She handles our monthly birthday celebrations. She cheerfully explains HR policies, insurance programs, 401(k) plans, and other paperwork-filled issues. She takes care of our office supply inventory. And she makes everyone feel welcome and brightens everyone's day with her ever-present smile.

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