PF Peeps: Chillin’ with James Jursinic

By Nancy Ball, May 29, 2015 // Inside PF

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PF Peeps is our special way of spotlighting individual Pathfinders personalities at work and play, an avenue to discover things about our peeps. We all have unique personalities – and believe ours warrant sharing!

James’ motto – Make ideas clear and simple, and solutions beautiful and surprising – is evident in all the work that he touches. He is instrumental in Pathfinder materials like our annual holiday card. He brings special qualities of courtesy and respect to our work life – and has a myriad of interests in athletic and artistic pursuits. Here we go with the up close encounter with James – our Renaissance Man!

At Work

What is special about working in an Advertising and Marketing agency in Mishawaka?

At Pathfinders I get to work with a lot of “Big City” clients with a small town commute. Also, I enjoy having a great view of nature from my office window.


What is your idea of perfect happiness in the workplace? 

Happiness at work is a flexible deadline, a robust budget, and creative freedom.

 What do you absolutely have to have in your workspace?

I need a pencil and a sketch book to get started each day. My method is – in order – shower, draw, discuss, draw, collaborate, draw, exercise, draw, sleep, and draw.


What location in the office do you find the most conducive to do your best?

A location with good music and a table to work on, surrounded by my colleagues, is the best place to be the most creative.

At Play

What is your favorite movie? 

My favorite movie is Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

What is your favorite food? 

My favorite food is Popcorn.

What is your favorite book? 

George Orwell wrote my favorite book 1984. Yes, I realize that preschool may have been where I spent that year.

What is your favorite series? 

My favorite series is Peaky Blinders. In case you are not a fan, it can be found on Netflix.

What is your favorite summer activity?

Playing volleyball with other Pathfinders is a favorite summer activity. I also enjoy participating in Men’s Leagues of Hockey, Rugby, and Tennis. I take pride in being a Second Degree Black Belt in Karate and have earned the title “Martial Artist” from my co-workers.


You May Not Know… 

What is your favorite dance? 

I can do a real mean Watusi or Boogaloo. You will just have to trust me on this!

Where would you like to take your Pathfinder travel mug?

This fall I will be taking my Pathfinder travel mug along to Italy. It will be the first time for both of us to be in Rome, Florence, and Venice and experience train travel. I am especially happy that the mug has a lid!

What is something that not many people know about you?

I like Opera, especially anything done by Puccini.

Who are your favorite artists?

I am inspired by artists NC Wyeth and Alfonse Mucha, as well as the director Christopher Nolan.

What is the most important virtue? 

Respectability in all things is my goal in life.

James’ motto?



Nancy Ball
Nancy Ball

We'd be lost without Nancy, who’s our Office Manager and Company Mom. She handles our monthly birthday celebrations. She cheerfully explains HR policies, insurance programs, 401(k) plans, and other paperwork-filled issues. She takes care of our office supply inventory. And she makes everyone feel welcome and brightens everyone's day with her ever-present smile.

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