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By Nancy Ball, October 11, 2017 // Inside PF

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We have a real gem in the office that brings a confidence and feeling of expertise to all her clients and co-workers.  Here is an up close and personal look at Stacey Lyn Harris, described by the Pathfinder team as positive, flexible and experienced.  Each day, Stacey travels across Indiana to the Pathfinders’ office with a passion for getting things done the right way and setting her personal goals higher than others’ expectations.

We are so happy to have her on the Pathfinders team and look forward to watching the sun shine on the east side of the building . . . almost exactly aligned with her desk.

At Work

What caused you to grow the most at Pathfinders?

Continual changes in digital marketing.  I mean, I remember when Windows 95 was introduced . . .

How does Pathfinders find a path to success for our clients?

We listen and learn continually to develop strategic plans that make marketing and the execution understandable and attainable.

  • I love working on Marcom plans because it allows me to think “What if?” and “Why?”  See an example here.
  • MTI’s Whiteboard Wednesday videos have been a great tool to help the client educate the target audiences. If you want to learn about engineering and the why of design, check out the example below.  

Perfect happiness in the workplace?

I’m not sure there is such a thing as perfect happiness. What we do is hard work. Some days are harder than others, and some days are more rewarding. In the end, I think happiness comes from doing what you love to do.

What have you learned from working with a client?

Two things stand out for me.  1) I’ve learned how friction can weld two very different metals by repetitive motion; and 2) The “Why “resonates and connects more often than the “What.”

At Play

Favorite movie?

Steel Magnolias. Not only can I quote the movie practically word for word, but it is the perfect story of enduring friendship.

Favorite books?

I really enjoyed John Grisham’s book – A Time to Kill.   In fact, I’ve read it more than once. A Time to Kill  was the first novel John Grisham published. The story line of what is right and wrong and how justice can be achieved by committing a crime is intriguing. The characters are brought back in later John Grishman novels.

Your most treasured accomplishments?

My daughter and son.  Gabby is 20, a junior at Indiana University majoring in journalism and is a legacy member of my college sorority.  Jack is 16, a sophomore at La Porte High School, and plays Lacrosse.

Favorite hero of fiction?

Harry Potter. Throughout the JK Rowling series of Harry Potter novels, Harry evolves and grows as a character, yet always stays true to his loyalties by doing what is right.

Favorite restaurant?

For me, it is more about who is in the restaurant . . . so I try and enjoy meals out with friends.  My preference for food?  Italian.

You may not know…

Out of the ordinary activities?

I love to challenge myself with biking.  I have been known to ride a bike up a hill faster than most would think I can. There is one event we do every year where we ride over 200 miles in three days, and it includes miles of hills. It’s called the Cowalunga, hosted by the Respiratory Health Association. The ride starts in Illinois and travels through Wisconsin. It’s all for charity, and I look forward to it each year.

Favorite color? 

Black.  It is present in many areas of my life.  I drive a Black Jeep Wrangler – you know, with a black convertible top. And, my wardrobe is centered around black.  To me black exemplifies strength and stability – which I can always use. Plus, you can add other colors to it in terms of accessories, so therefore it’s a good base.

Special awards?

I competed in speech and debate in high school, and received a debate scholarship for college.

Favorite animal?

Dogs – and I have four of them!  We have four dachsunds. Harley is the mom, a long-haired, brown and tan. Indy is the dad, a short-haired black and tan. Their baby is 7-month-old Warrior, who is an absolute sweetheart and is a black and tan short-hair like his daddy. And then there is Max, who we call the Grumpy Uncle. He is a tan wire-haired and is six years old.

Community Activities?

Right now, my world is about Lacrosse. I help manage the Northern Indiana Lacrosse Association and am currently the president of the LaPorte Lacrosse Club, which has teams at the middle school and high school levels. My son Jack has played Lacrosse for four years, and I absolutely love the sport. Outside of that, I have helped with local PTA’s, historic preservation commissions, child abuse prevention organizations, local leadership groups, and Girls on the Run in Northwest Indiana as a coach.



Treat others the way you wish to be treated.


Nancy Ball
Nancy Ball

We'd be lost without Nancy, who’s our Office Manager and Company Mom. She handles our monthly birthday celebrations. She cheerfully explains HR policies, insurance programs, 401(k) plans, and other paperwork-filled issues. She takes care of our office supply inventory. And she makes everyone feel welcome and brightens everyone's day with her ever-present smile.

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