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By Pathfind, March 5, 2018 // Inside PF

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Sam’s smile can be seen in almost every part of the building because she truly enjoys a variety of workspaces.  This makes the building and its people quite happy to have her share some good vibes.

Sam can write copy by choosing the most concise way to get a point across, but there is another side to her writing that you might enjoy as well.  She describes via descriptive metaphors that slide deliciously together.  Oh – would you like examples?  Well, she describes her favorite season, fall, as one that plays best outside.  Her favorite TV series?  If winter’s coming, you just know it’s a new season for Game of Thrones.  It’s a fun glimpse – and a wit we get to enjoy every day in the halls of Pathfinders.

Beginning with her motto (see below), you will understand that Sam gives a fresh and insightful perspective for each client she reaches.  We are happy to share her a little and hope you get the chance to smile back.

Sam's Motto
Be groovy or leave, man.

At Work

What is the most fun activity you have had with the Pathfinders Team?
Watching fellow copywriter Jeremy Miller thrive with athleticism during our Christmas party’s competitive events.

What have you learned from working with a client?
Understanding the client as an individual is just as important as understanding their business.

What is your idea of perfect happiness in the workplace?
Working with people you trust and respect – and being able to break away to destroy Drew Turner in a friendly game of pong.

What trait do you most admire in your co-workers?
A sense of humor!

What location at the office is the most conducive to achieve your best work?
Anywhere but my desk. I have a laptop and we are traveling companions.

At Play

What is your favorite movie?
The Dark Knight because it’s the only Batman movie that matters.

Favorite food?
Chicken tacos from La Esperanza in South Bend or a simple PB & J.

Favorite super hero?
Batman – he likes to wear black, and so do I.

Favorite book?
Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, because he can say more in one sentence than most authors can accomplish in an entire novel.

Favorite color?
Black because bright colors make me anxious.  It may not be a coincidence that my favorite superhero wears black as well.  If you are wondering who, try starting this section again.

You may not know…

Secret talents?
Rapping. I’ve been known to drop a verse or two.

Most treasured accomplishment?
Grad School. I studied English/Creative Writing with a focus in Poetry at Indiana University South Bend.

Most recent home improvement project?
Melissa and I just bought a house in South Bend with our mini Goldendoodle, Lionel Messi Lechlitner-Lewis. I recently put a hole in our bedroom wall trying to hang a picture. My dad fixed it – he is our personal handyman.

Favorite recent adventure?
One of my favorite food adventures is Rainey Street in Austin, TX. There are tons of food trucks and yummy BBQ. Melissa and I discovered this on our Tour de Texas road trip last spring.

Any career variations from Advertising and Marketing?
I taught English, journalism, and yearbook classes at John Adams High School in South Bend.

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