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By Pathfind, July 23, 2019 // Inside PF

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If you enjoy a smile that bubbles from within you must get to know Roberta! She is seasoned in our field of Advertising and Marketing in addition to having been an entrepreneur. She is multi-talented too. As an example, she’s a knockout vocalist. We especially call this out because our bi-monthly birthday celebrations now include real singing!

While Roberta began her college studies with Interior Design, she was enticed to explore advertising and marketing by a favorite professor. It was a move that has fulfilled her ever since. Her personable nature and organized traits have kept her team members and clients aligned as well. We invite you to see what makes her inspire us all to be our best.

Roberta’s Motto: There is always a way!

At Work

What causes you to grow the most?
I think what causes me to grow the most is when I can accomplish great things with my co-workers. When we do a great job on a project, it inspires us to grow and aspire to better on the next project.

What is special about working at Pathfinders?
What makes working at Pathfinders special is that the Leadership Team really cares about their employees. They strive to make a great atmosphere and working experience for everyone.

What is the trait you most admire in your co-workers?
I admire how everyone works together as a team and wants to see each other succeed. Everyone is willing to help each other out when needed. 

What is the favorite part about working at Pathfinders?
One of my favorite parts about working at Pathfinders is that I continually feel appreciated. My opinions are listened to and valued – as are the opinions of my co-workers. It’s a really great feeling and inspires me to do great work.

What do you do when you hit a creative roadblock?
If I’ve hit a roadblock and am finding it hard to focus, it’s important to me to get a change of location. I usually go to a different part of the office to work or get outside for a quick walk. Those things clear my head, so I can get back to being productive. Music also helps! 

At Play

Do you have a favorite artist or type of art?
Some of my favorite artists are Monet, Manet, & Seurat.

What is your favorite food?
I like pretty much all food – but I would say tacos are my all-time favorite. And my favorite place to eat tacos is Cinco 5 (downtown South Bend). They have the absolute best tacos! La Perla in Benton Harbor is a close second.

What is your favorite color?
I have two: yellow and purple. My son made me a yellow and purple pen holder when he was in second grade. It only holds one pen, but I love it!

What is your favorite weather?
Summertime! I love being outside and feeling the warmth of the sun. Some of my favorite times are going to the Round Barn Winery with friends and family in the summer. Most of all I enjoy sitting outside by the vineyard enjoying the live music.

Where would you like to take your Pathfinder travel mug?
I’ve checked off quite a few places on my bucket list; however, there are still so many places I’d like to go to. A few are Paris, Hawaii, Greece, Ireland, Spain.

Things you may not know

Community activities?
I’m very active in volunteering. Things I have volunteered for throughout the years are: Junior Achievement, Benton Harbor SMART Tutor Program, Ronald McDonald House, Benton Harbor Women’s Shelter, Mosaic Resale & Resource Center, Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Benton Harbor Soup Kitchen, etc. I currently co-lead my church’s Care Team which is a team that gives support to those in need, whether it be coordinating meals for someone who has been injured or lost a family member, bring gifts to families with new babies, or simply lending a listening ear when needed.

My talents are more of hobbies. I love to sing and perform. I was always in choir and musical theater growing up and am currently in the local South Bend band, Terry & the Heartbeats as a backup signer. I joined the band a little over 2 years ago and absolutely love it. It’s a 12-member band of amazingly talented people. We sing classic rock from the 60s, 70s and 80s… songs like “Mustang Sally,” “Soul Man,” “Sweet Home Chicago,” “Sweet Caroline,” “Walking on Sunshine,” “Car Wash,” etc. I even have 2 solos now, “Heartbreaker” and “You’re No Good.”

Family life?
I have two amazing children. Haley who is currently studying at Michigan State University (my alma mater!), and Ethan’s finalizing his high school career.  My phone wallpaper is still a photo of them from when they were 2 and 5. Although I so miss those younger ages, I absolutely love our current relationships. We have so much fun together as a family – going to concerts together (they share my love of music), traveling, going to movies, shopping, or just staying home playing cards or fibbage together.  

We’ll bite – what’s Fibbiage?
Fibbage is a crazy fun and game that you play on your smart TV and phone. The game plays on the TV and you log on through your phone. A wisecracking host reads out factual trivia statements with a single word removed. The objective for each player is to either guess the correct word or come up with a guess/fib (hence the name “fibbage”) that will fool the other players. You get points for every player who guesses your “fib”. There is also a drawing version where you have to draw your answers. We love playing together with my boyfriend, Dave, and his kids (Sam, age 25 and Jack, age 22), since it’s a game in which we can laugh together at all our silly answers & drawings.

Music is a huge part of my life. It’s my inspiration. It’s my way to focus. It’s my stress release. I’m always singing. In my car. In the shower. In my head! Haha! On many occasions, someone will say something in a conversation that will automatically spark a song lyric in my head. For example, if someone says “First things first…” – I sing to myself “First things first, I’m a realist” (sometimes I sing it out loud). By the way, anyone know what song that is from? Curious if you are correct – or just want to know?  Email Roberta at rpope@pathfind.comto find out and/or verify! 

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