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By Pathfind, May 6, 2019 // Inside PF

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Maureen hails from Chicago and harbors a love for Indiana. She was a knockout student at Purdue University, and actively involved herself with important things there as evidenced by serving as President of her Cooperative Housing Board. You might notice that she is a take-charge person, yet Maureen’s demeanor is one of openness as well as focus. Maureen obviously loves working with clients as you will see in her comments. We are happy to have her input on our strategic  planning and organization of projects for our clients, as well as her penchant for staying focused while still engaging.

Maureen’s Motto: Proceed and be bold.


At Work

What causes you to grow the most? I grow the most when I get my hands dirty and jump right into projects.

What was the most fun activity or project with your Pathfinders team? It was working on a co-marketing campaign for the Whirlpool Corporation Commercial Laundry brand. I helped manage the strategy and execution of a search campaign and co-branded landing page.

What is special about working at Pathfinders Advertising & Marketing Group in Mishawaka? It’s the best of both worlds. At Pathfinders, you get to work on large brands that many agencies in large cities compete for while at the same time living in a more local and affordable area. I love working here! The work is fast-paced and you get the experience of working on a lot of different types of projects. The variety really helps me learn and grow. I have fulfilling work with great co-workers because of their collaborative team spirit. It’s refreshing to have a team where strong collaboration is encouraged and teams aren’t working in silos. Is there a “work mantra” at Pathfinders? Yes! Understanding our client’s business is our number one priority, and the best way we can both be successful. By actively listening to needs and wants, each Pathfinder strives to really hear what their clients are saying and to find appropriate solutions to fit their business needs.

How would you describe your workspace? There is variety. I like working at my standing desk  where I have photos of my friends and family, or in the Garage area. Because I enjoy being efficient, I use any system or technology that helps me get my work done as efficiently as possible.  

At Play

Favorites? Movie -Hitch; Food -Pizza; Color -Purple; Animal-Monkey; Media – Digital Book; Book- Thief Series; TV Show- Game of Thrones; Superhero – Wonder Woman; Weather- Summertime

Any special routine after work? Working out and cooking dinner!

Activity you most enjoy with your Pathfinders team? Our birthday celebrations! We all gather together in the Garage area and spend a little time enjoying a treat and some conversation . . . and some off-chord singing.

Family life? I grew up in a northwest suburb of Chicago with my parents and my younger sister. Most of my family lives in the greater Chicago area.

Favorite types of leisure reading? I enjoy reading and my favorite genres are historical fiction or mysteries.

Things you may not know

Other positions different from the present one? I previously worked at a media agency in Chicago. I worked on various different accounts for financial, retail, CPG, and beverage companies.

Inspirational moments or people? My parents are the most inspirational people in my life. They’ve been married 3 years, both have successful careers, and are the most generous people I know. They’re also incredibly adventurous, and want to travel and experience the world as much as possible.

What is something that not many people know about you? I’m left-handed.

Where would you like to take your Pathfinder travel mug? I’d love to travel to every continent at some point in my life. My top places I’d like to visit right now are Greece or Germany. Recently I took a trip with my family to Ireland. We visited a variety of different cities including Dublin, Killarney, Waterford, Kenmare, and more. My favorite memory of that trip was visiting the Cliffs of Moher.  

Talents? Growing up I loved playing volleyball, and I’ve been playing the piano since I was five. I still participate in both activities as an adult, but not as much as I would like.

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