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By Pathfind, May 2, 2019 // Inside PF

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Laura Marks, Account Coordinator, became a member of the Pathfinders social media team and was soon rocking it! Why? Well, because she demonstrated persistence, drive, and the willingness to continue adding to her skills and knowledge base. Her background as an Islander has more than one Pathfinder in awe, and another thing that stands out in her background is a love of theater. Perhaps that is why she has been able to step into her role so well… and may explain why she is so successful tracking what her clients might need because Laura can imagine what being in someone else’s shoes might be like. What a wonderful attribute for a Pathfinder to have, and we are fortunate to have her as a part of our team! Speaking of team, Laura enjoys her time spent with others here. She plays a lunchtime version of Monopoly that has formed more than a few friendships across the board – so to speak! She makes each day here more interesting, and is a true role model we are happy to share with you all.

Laura’s Motto Keep moving forward!

At Work

What causes you to grow the most at Pathfinders? I’m challenged, nearly every day, here at Pathfinders . . .Challenged to learn new industries . . . challenged to give my opinion so I don’t default to just agreeing with others . . . challenged to make connections with clients and co-workers . . . challenged to get outside of my comfort zone. And because I’ve been challenged, I’ve grown and continue to grow here at Pathfinders.

What is the trait you most admire in your co-workers? Everyone is willing to help one another here. We all want what is best for our clients, and all are willing to collaborate. If I have a question about how something looks, I don’t hesitate to ask my neighbor for an opinion. If I’m not sure about a certain piece of feedback, I don’t hesitate to ask for advice on addressing it. Everyone here wants everyone to succeed!

What do you absolutely have to have in your workspace? A notepad and to-do list to stay organized. This job requires us to stay on top of project deadlines and having my to-do list is a great reminder of what projects need to go out each day.  

What’s the favorite part of your job at Pathfinders? I’ve been able to do a lot here, but the fact that I can lend a hand and help a co-worker with a project is the most rewarding, especially if it means that they can breathe a little easier or feel less stressed to know that someone else is able to take care of a part of it for them.

What is your favorite area of your work you would like to enrich? I enjoy project management and following a project from start to finish. It requires attention to detail and organization, and I think I could always keep working on improving this area of my work. Not only do I want to stay efficient in my management skills, but also to be confident that I’m not missing details before passing a project on to client.

At Play

What is your favorite color? Purple! It was my grandmother’s favorite color and her influence just passed the love of purple down to me. So naturally, I have multiple things in purple like a tumbler for my water, clothing, jewelry, etc. Lavender, the lighter of the purples, was the main color in my wedding too.

What is your favorite book? It’s hard to pick just one. There are so many books I’ve read and have yet to read. One of the more recent books I’ve read, and remember enjoying, was As You Wish by Cary Elwes. He recounts his time on set of The Princess Bride, one of my all-time favorite movies and book. As soon as I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. I was enamored with hearing his point of view on how he landed the role, the various hijinks that happened on set, and ultimately how the film came to be. It felt a lot like a fiction novel that fully immerses you into the world and helps you escape from reality. It’s a book I’d read again.

What’s your favorite season? Since I grew up in Hawaii, I never really had an opportunity to experience the seasons fully. I was used to summer weather 24/7.  However, now that I live in Indiana, my favorite seasons are spring and fall. I particularly enjoy seeing the changes with these seasons. Spring is full of new life with budding flowers. And fall brings in more of the oranges and reds as the leaves change. That’s not something I had the opportunity to experience in Hawaii.

What is your favorite lunch spot? The Garage! There’s a stable crew of Pathfinders that you can usually find in there during the lunch hour. I love it because I get to converse with co-workers I don’t normally get to work with daily. We’ll catch up on what we’re working on or maybe talk about the latest TV show or movie we’ve seen. Sometimes we just like to share ideas about any topic that comes to mind. If we’re feeling competitive, we’ll even bust out a game to play – like Monopoly.

What is your favorite series? It’s hard to pick just one. But an all-time favorite TV series is Psych. It’s no longer running, but it was eight seasons of hilarity. And while I’m not at all a child of the 80s, I absolutely loved the numerous references to 80s pop culture. The show also had fun episodes parodying different movies/shows like Twin Peaks and Clue (if you want to check them out they are Season 5, Episode 12, and Season 7, Episode 5, respectively). It’s a great show to watch while you’re eating dinner or just want a laugh.

You may not know…

What’s on your bucket list? I love writing. I love telling stories. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to write a book. So, writing a novel is on my bucket list.

Where have you worked prior to Pathfinders? I was an AmeriCorps member at the Robinson Community Learning Center in South Bend. While there, I worked with their Shakespeare Outreach program, assisting with a summer production of Love’s Labour’s Lost. The experience was incredible, and I was blown away by how well students were able to understand Shakespeare and translate it on stage for an audience.

How did you come to this area? I grew up in Hawaii and moved to Indiana my sophomore year of High School. My sister lived here with her family, so naturally my mom wanted to be closer to her grandchildren. As soon as people find out I’m from Hawaii, they immediately ask why I’m here. I really didn’t have a choice, but I can’t say I regret moving. I’ve had so many more opportunities living here in Indiana. I was able to attend college away from my parents (and learn a little independence), but only by four hours so weekend trips home weren’t impossible. I’ve made great friends. And if I hadn’t moved, I wouldn’t have met my husband in the hallways of Penn High School. Indiana has become home. 

Recent major life events? I’ve experienced a number of life events including getting married and buying my first home! My husband and I recently were married in April of 2018 at The Oaks at SouthPaw Farm. While it was a chilly day, it was sunny! It was a perfect day spent with our family and friends. Our house, which we purchased a few months prior, is a fixer-upper. We’ve been renovating – primarily the kitchen. But we plan to give nearly the whole house a makeover.

Family Life I love my family. We can be a little crazy, but we love each other and that’s what matters the most! My parents live in the area, along with my sister and her kids. My brother and his family live in California. We usually come together at Christmastime – cramming ourselves into my parents’ house for a whole week. My husband’s family is in the area, and we love spending time with them when we can! We love to have game nights with them, or the occasional pizza and movie night. Cornhole is a big deal in his family. If we’re at his parents’ house and the weather’s nice, nine times out of 10 the cornhole boards are coming out for at least one game (or three).

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