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By Pathfind, August 18, 2018 // Inside PF

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Erin brings sunshine and joy every day to Pathfinders.  Her pleasant demeanor, willingness to thoroughly research and contribute as much as possible to each meeting is what makes her such a great team member.  It’s no surprise that Sherlock is a favorite series and Autumn is a favorite season!  One showcases sleuthing for the best outcome and the other embodies colorful variety- just what we all appreciate at Pathfinders!

After learning more about Erin, you will understand why we feel she can help keep the fires burning at Pathfinders while keeping us safe from unexpected surges.

Motto Hakuna Matata

At Work

What has caused you to grow the most at Pathfinders? Working with a variety of people on a variety of projects and asking lots of questions! That is how you educate yourself – and I am continuing to learn more every day.  I love the constant innovation, creativity and collaboration!

Favorite client activity? I loved visiting Amway in Grand Rapids with Hannah and James!

What location at the office is the most conducive to achieve your best work? The smaller work rooms and pods are my best spots.  My favorite is Kraken because it feels the warmest on a cold day. The art work on the wall is by far my favorite to look at when I’m brainstorming.

What is special about working in an advertising and marketing agency in Mishawaka? Well, it’s being able to stay in a community I love while having the ability to make an impact on a much larger scale.  Another plus is the great critical thinking by the Pathfinder Team.

How does Pathfinders find success for our clients? We use many different perspectives and research techniques so we can ensure that we are bringing the client a well thought out and well-rounded proposal.

At Play

What is your favorite movie? It is Dirty Dancing because of the music, dancing and story . . . and “No one puts Baby in a corner!”

What is your favorite color? Blue and green because they’ve always provoked a certain calm feeling for me.  I love greenery in nature, so I think my love for those colors comes from my love of the outdoors.

Favorite animals? My dogs, Olive and Nash.

What is your favorite book? The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory because I love history and the excitement of this change in England during the reign of Henry III.  Reading is one of my favorite pastimes.

What is your favorite foods? I like anything that comes in a tortilla or has noodles.  However, my favorite restaurant is a hot dog stand in Logansport, Indiana. It had the best Spanish cheese dog with onion.  I discovered it because it’s a local staple where my family is from and it’s been a part of my childhood for as long as I can remember.   Tortillas, noodles, hot dogs – they all play into my other favorite pastime – Eating!

You may not know…

What is on your bucket list? I would like to participate in a massive food fight because it just seems like something that never truly happens, but would be the most fun to do.  I just imagine myself grabbing a big handful of spaghetti and launching it across a room.  I am laughing already!

Most treasured accomplishment? It is a reality right now!  We just experienced becoming parents. Our son, Colson, brings us such joy. We are happy to share his photo! I can’t stop my smiles when I look at him!

Heroes in real life? There are three. My husband is one because of his dedication to his family and overall brightness that he brings into the world. My two grandmothers are my heroines because they’ve been the perfect examples of perseverance and hard work for as long as I can remember. They are very wise and full of tips, tricks and love for the people around them.

Awards? I received the “Do the Right Thing Award” from the South Bend Police Department.  I saved two children and a dog from a house fire when I was babysitting at 14.  I was also a D.A.R.E. mentor for all four years in high school and developed a bike safety program with the Mishawaka Police Department and St. Joseph Community Pediatrics. The bike program was something I worked on with my mom and we were able to give away hundreds of bike helmets to 3rdgraders!

A house fire? What happened? Wait! I did not cause the fire!  What happened was the sump pump in the crawl space of the house caught on fire.  Luckily, I noticed the smoke quickly and was able to get a 5-year-old and a napping baby out and save the house.

I had another fiery incident while in college.  There was a mulch fire by my apartment and it was spreading quickly!  I called the fire department while I was extinguishing it with water from my Brita pitcher!  I felt a sense of calm with an action plan both times and am proud to say that the second time was much less serious than the first time. So, if life follows the same pattern, the next time may not even need an emergency call because I can just blow out the match!

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