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By Pathfind, May 31, 2018 // Inside PF

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If you want to experience a bit of Hollywood behind the scenes, your search is over.  Our Video Producer Danny Miller will make you feel like you are on a Backstage Tour.  Chances are good he will be one of two places – in our studio filming behind the camera or at his desk with headphones on intensely looking at a triple screen monitor (yes – 3 screens!). Danny also has few stories that will make you feel like a true insider coupled with lots of talent that makes our production top notch. Hope you enjoy some insight into what makes a Producer tick!

Danny’s Motto You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky, –Michael Scott, –Danny Miller.

At Work

What do you absolutely have to have in your workspace? I gotta have my cup of coffee, hence my collection of coffee mugs at my desk!

What is your favorite part of working with the P-Team? I would say it’s being able to collaborate with colleagues. That and daily ping-pong games.

Most fun activity or project with your Pathfinders team? Working on the Fifth Third animations has been a lot of fun.

What is unique about your role in the office? I’m the one and only video team member at Pathfinders. I touch practically every video project that comes through Pathfinders, whether it’s working on the project directly or managing the process with the other teams.

How does what you do increase the capabilities of the animation and production process? Since being at Pathfinders, I have increased the capability of animation production by bringing the process home. As a company, we are now able to do everything from 2D Motion Graphic Animations to live video shoots to 3D Animation in house.

At Play

What is your favorite movie and why? I love watching a lot of movies and will chat your ear off about practically any movie, but if I had to choose one I would say Fight Club. Director David Fincher is my favorite and he does such a great job with dark movies. I enjoy the cinematography, editing style, lighting, and story telling. There’s a lot of twists and turns to the movie along with a sense of rebellion and fighting against the system, and yet overcoming your own fears.

With which super hero do you most identify? I like Dr. Strange because he has control over all of time. I mean, how cool is that! Plus, he can make all these portals to travel whereever he wants. You can’t beat that!

Favorite Season? Summer time because I get to be outside, go golfing, go fishing with my dad, and enjoy a cold beer on the porch.

Favorite color and do you have a favorite something that shade? I would say blue is my favorite color. I have several blue shirts and they help bring out my blue eyes. Favorite entertainment after hours? I enjoy watching Netflix and Amazon Prime, and I have a huge selection of movies and TV shows that I make my way through. I also love video games of any kind: PC games, console games, and iPhone games. My current favorites include MLB The Show18 and Hearthstone.

Things you may not know

What is your most treasured accomplishment? My most treasured accomplishment was being able to work on a show that was nominated for an Emmy. I worked for a show on the Speed Network called “Chop, Cut, Rebuild” for about 3 seasons. During my last season, we were nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lifestyle Show. Unfortunately, we lost to Martha Stewart, but it was a great experience!

True life hero? I look up to my dad because he’s taught me a lot of life lessons that have helped mold me into who I am today.

Anything unusual about your background? I come from the Amish; my parents left the Amish church when I was young. Because of the process my parents went through to continue relationships with my Amish family. I was able to get to know many of my relatives. I won’t say all of them, because there’s just too many. I have over 100 first cousins. You read that right. To this day, I still see many of them, especially during the holidays, and appreciate their delicious home-style cooking. Yum! Not just that, I get the perks of free buggy rides!

How did you come to this area? I grew up in Nappanee, but moved to Florida to attend school at Full Sail University. I was valedictorian of my class and really loved learning how to do things with technology and make interesting videos and commercials.  Then, I moved to LA to work in the TV / Film industry for studios like The Food Network for Cupcake Wars, the NFL’s Play360 program which encourages kids to exercise, for the Speed Network’s Bullrun which is a show about luxury cars racing across America, Good Morning America when they were shooting from the Oscars, and for other episodic TV shows. My favorite celebrity that I met was Danny Devito; he was really funny in between shots. It was all a great experience and fun, but being near family was more important.

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