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By Pathfind, May 10, 2018 // Inside PF

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Andrew’s Pathfinders Team would describe him as friendly, caring, and pragmatic.  While that is true, he is also a catalyst to get things started in a positive manner and he follows through to achieve a great result.  The Garage is his favorite spot to do one-on-one employee meetings and also to get things done away from his desk.

Since he joined us, Andrew Gorsuch has streamlined the interviewing and onboarding process thoroughly via methodical planning and attentiveness to the end goals. We are so happy to have him here and are all impressed by his energy and enthusiasm. Andrew’s Motto Keep It Positive – Everyday!

At Work

What has caused you to grow the most at Pathfinders? Curiosity and the PF quality of continuous improvement. What is the most fun activity with your Pathfinders team? Helping others succeed in small or large ways daily. This is my favorite aspect of being on the PF Team. What is special about working at an Advertising & Marketing agency in Mishawaka, IN? Pathfinders is truly a collection of interesting people with great minds. The special part is that everyone on the team genuinely cares about helping others succeed. It’s a team that cares about everyone winning and creating a positive vibe in the office. I also enjoy a challenge that will ultimately make a big impact.
What trait do you most admire in your co-workers? Humility How does Pathfinders help a path to success for our clients? Through gaining a deep understanding of the client, their special challenges, and goals.

At Play

Favorite food? This is tough! I love ALL food. In a pinch, a quality pizza will always work! In fact, my favorite TV series is Chef’s Table. Favorite book? How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie because it can be applied to every human interaction daily. Favorite color? Navy blue because it is easy to build a wardrobe around this color.
Favorite season? Fall because of the crisp cool weather and beautiful colors in Michigan. Favorite restaurant? The Sardine Room – A restaurant in Plymouth, Michigan named not after the fish, but after the small size of the restaurant. I enjoy the worldly influences in their food that changes with the seasons. But the real reason I enjoy this restaurant is the people. In the past, I lived a block away from the restaurant and would eat there several times a week thus I got to know everyone working there.

You may not know…

Bucket list items? Well, more travel! Dining at a few of the best restaurants in the world is what makes the list! It starts with Alinea in Chicago, Illinois, and French Laundry in Yountville, California. I look forward to attending the Aspen Food and Wine Classic someday because it combines great food, wine, and scenery!
Where have you worked prior to Pathfinders? I call my background “eclectic.” I’ve worked in the hospitality industry in Michigan and Arizona. My experience includes: Sawyer Home & Garden, La Grande Orange Hospitality and The Produce Station. All of these businesses were very different, but the one thing that was consistent was that I always enjoyed selecting people to join the team and helping them succeed. Now I enjoy shepherding each person through on-boarding and training, and ultimately having them succeed. When I first graduated from college, I was a high school science teacher and I taught Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Earth and Environmental Sciences over the years. How did you come to this area? I grew up in Bowling Green, Ohio. I met my wife Jill, a surgeon, and we moved to the area for her to join a practice at Lakeland Health in Niles, Michigan. We are parents to son Max and daughter Isabel (our brand-new addition). And no, we are not oversleeping at home these days!
Secret talents? Well, I was a very competitive swimmer all through college at Eastern Michigan University. My favorite events were the longest events, and I feel this is very telling about my life in general. I always get to where I am going through hard work. Shortcuts or “luck” never work for me!
How did you decide that Pathfinders would be the place for you? I am friends with a former college teammate from this area and we talked about businesses doing high-level work in South Bend/Mishawaka, Indiana. He mentioned that Pathfinders might be a good fit. The more I looked into the mission, goals, and values of Pathfinders, the more I could tell that we were aligned. In fact, another former competitive swimmer, Kelly Ball who is Vice President here, swam at Miami University and in the Mid-American Conference as well. Our college swimming careers crossed paths and now we are competing as one – together –  on the same team!

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