How To Engage With Influencers

Plus a template to use for outreach
By Lauren Hough, February 14, 2022 // Marketing

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You are running full force toward an influencer marketing strategy you believe will bring tons of awareness to your brand! All of the legwork is done, and you have your sights set on an influencer – but what do you say to them to get them interested in a partnership? First, you should find their email address. If you cannot locate an email address, you can send them a direct message on the platform they’re active on. It’s not a good idea to post anything publicly to them – because this will come off as impersonal.

Another thing that comes off as impersonal is calling an influencer by a pet name rather than their actual name. Please, always address people by their name if you can find it.

For example: don’t open your message with “Hey girl” or “Hey babe”.

Influencer outreach can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! In this blog, I’m going to provide a checklist of items that should be present in any outreach message you send, along with email and direct message templates that you can download, copy, and customize – ’cause we don’t gatekeep around here!

Outreach Checklist

    1. My subject line is attention-grabbing
    2. My brand is introduced and values communicated
    3. I’ve stated why we’re specifically interested in working with them
    4. I’ve noted the compensation package (paid, affiliate, product-for-payment)
    5. I’ve reread my outreach message twice before sending it (you don’t want to be the brand that addresses your email to the wrong influencer – and yes, it happens more than you think)

Help yourself to one of these templates:

Email Template


Hi [influencer’s name],

My name is [name] and I’m reaching out on behalf of [brand name]. We have an exciting campaign coming up surrounding [insert product/value]¬†that we’d love to share with you.

[Introduce your company and values here]. Because of your interest in [shared value], we think you would be an amazing fit to help represent [brand name] and share us with your followers on social!

This is an opportunity to receive [product], as well as [details about monetary compensation or affiliate codes].

We’re looking forward to hearing back!

Direct Message (DM) Template


Hi [influencer’s name],

We think you would be an amazing fit to represent [brand name] and share us with your followers on social! We have an exciting campaign coming up surrounding [product/value].

We’d love to send over more details. What’s a good place to reach you?

Outreach Highlights

In most cases, you’ll be outreaching to influencers using both email and DM methods. So remember:

  • Outreach messages should be short and simple
  • Email outreach can contain specific campaign details
  • DM outreach should spare the details and be introductory only
  • Make your messaging fun and engaging to grab their attention
  • Always follow up if you don’t hear back within a couple of days

Following up is incredibly important. We often don’t hear back from prospective partners until we send a follow-up message. As you become more comfortable with your outreach messaging and approach, you’ll feel more comfortable customizing your approach even further depending on the influencer or campaign you’re running.

If you’re interested in having a discussion about influencer marketing, we would love to chat! If you want expert help sourcing influencers, we can help!




Lauren Hough
Lauren Hough

A native Floridian (and current Californian), Lauren has a passion for how digital storytellers can bring a brand to life. Early on in her career, she recognized the importance of bridging the gap between company and consumer through authentic online voices and has never looked back. Her favorite thing about influencer marketing? That it has the power to completely revolutionize a brand, no matter the size.

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