Influencer Marketing 101

How This Marketing Strategy Helps Grow Brands
By Krista Moats, January 24, 2022 // Social Media

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Brands everywhere have been benefitting from influencer marketing for years. This marketing strategy has blown up into a 13.8-billion-dollar industry globally and is expected to continue growing by 30.3% annually through 2028. Why is this such an effective marketing strategy? Because people take advice from people they like and trust. 


You may have a picture of influencers in your head of them simply getting free stuff for posting pictures online – but the marketing strategy goes much deeper. 


With over 223 million Americans using social media, it makes sense that messaging in this arena is vital to marketing success. Influencers will get your brand in front of new audiences. But it’s the authentic way influencers bring your product to new audiences that really makes it powerful.

Most influencers are born because of a niche. When a person who’s passionate about a subject consistently posts about it, they position themselves as a trusted expert; thus, their audience comes to know that whatever this person is telling them (about their niche) can be trusted.


Behind each influencer is an audience of consumers ready to hear what they have to say.  

  • The influencer is viewed as a trusted expert in their niche, so people follow for the best advice on the subject 
  • The content serves them in some way, whether it’s inspiration, aspiration, or just plain relatability  


Influencer marketing has seeped into every inch of social media and oftentimes comes off so genuine that you’d never even know it was part of a paid campaign if it weren’t for FTC requirements.  

When done right, a paid partnership is interesting, engaging, and memorable. When influencers are authentic in their messaging, the potential for the brand to gain new customers is significant.   

  • The right influencer will be the picture of your brand’s identity 
  • The audience behind the influencer should align with your target demographic 


Influencer marketing will propel your brand in front of new audiences who would otherwise be unaware. With each influencer comes an opportunity to acquire new customers. An influencer will tell new prospects about your product, why it’s great, and where to find it. 


Even within an audience who has heard of your brand, a trusted voice can make all the difference in convincing consumers to give your brand a shot! When people don’t know why they should try something, they most likely won’t. By building partnerships with influencers whose identity and audience align with your brand, you have a great opportunity to get in front of people who would love to give your brand a try.

Ready to get started but recognize what a task finding the right influencers can be? Let’s connect! If you’re considering influencer marketing, we can evaluate your brand, help match you with the right influencers, and even guide you toward a strategy that will fit your needs. 


Krista Moats
Krista Moats

Krista’s been amplifying brands through authentic voices for more than a decade. With a career that started with convincing people to watch boring TV news (hello, ratings!), those highly refined audience retention skills now help brands say the right things to the right people on social media. She feeds off campaign data that affirms decisions – which is why she has such an affinity for influencer marketing.

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