What happens when friends, creativity and birthdays collide

By Nancy Ball, June 21, 2019 // Inside PF

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What makes Pathfinders such a special place to do what we love?  While there is not just one answer, we find when you have a collection of creative, enthusiastic, and interesting people there are many special points of interaction. One happened recently that we would like to share.

Erica Graphman (Project Manager) will soon celebrate a birthday. She loves to read and enjoys being part of a book club she founded at Pathfinders. Others that she works with are aware of this and began planning a surprise Harry Potter-themed celebration. Secretly they brought in items such as the tea set, tablecloths, fancy birthday candles, cupcakes, special sandwiches, fruit, and their imagination to get it all set up in our lunch area, aptly named the Ballroom. They had a wonderful time – and we all enjoyed seeing them celebrating friendship, creativity, and the magic of what can happen when friends think of a special way to be together.

PF Harry Potter Theme

So – many thanks go to Lucy Macfarlane (Data Analytics Manager), Emily Milhoan (Project Manager), Dez Lopez (Social Content Specialist), Erin Wojtysiak (Media Buyer/Planner), Jessanna Huddleston (Account Executive), Laura Marks (Project Manager), and Hannah Turner (Senior Account Executive/Fancy Candle Supplier).

PF Crew


Nancy Ball
Nancy Ball

We'd be lost without Nancy, who’s our Office Manager and Company Mom. She handles our monthly birthday celebrations. She cheerfully explains HR policies, insurance programs, 401(k) plans, and other paperwork-filled issues. She takes care of our office supply inventory. And she makes everyone feel welcome and brightens everyone's day with her ever-present smile.

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