Content Marketing and Facebook Notes: Will it SEO?

By Padraic Fitzgerald, January 13, 2016 // Social Media

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Facebook Notes? If you haven’t heard of it, you’re not alone. A nearly-forgotten about feature of Facebook, in late September Facebook rebooted Notes. With many noticing the similarity of the new Notes to the blog publishing platform Medium, comments have swirled about Facebook getting into the long-form blog game.

Why Is Facebook Putting Its Hat in the Ring of Blogging?

The short answer:

  1. Long-form content has richer data to mine, and Facebook is a collector and seller of data
  2. According to 451 Research analyst Alan Pelz-Sharpe, journaling is “getting very popular with teenagers again”
The Elephant In The Room: Is There An SEO Benefit?

One of the biggest reasons for your brand to create long-form content is search. So we were surprised to see little communications about any SEO benefits to Facebook Notes. We decided to run a quick test to see if the post would be indexed by Google.

The Results From Our Test


As of right now, Facebook Notes does not provide any SEO benefits. Yet.

What ‘sThis Mean For Your Brand Content Marketing Strategy?

Content created via Facebook Notes will be limited to your fans and their engagement with that content on Facebook. This can be beneficial if you have a highly engaged audience on this social network…or it can be extremely limiting if you do not.

Important Stat To Note

As Locowise reported last year, brand page average organic (un-paid) reach varies between 5 and 11 percent.

That is all well and good, because Facebook Notes is also not yet available for Brand Pages.

Don’t Change Your Content Marketing Strategy Just Yet

So Facebook Notes is clearly not in a state to be leveraged by brands (well, brand pages), right now. Perhaps when there is the ability for posts to be indexed so that they can benefit search, Facebook will open Notes to brand pages.

If your Facebook marketing strategy uses personal profiles to extend the reach of your brand’s content, you may want to consider adding Facebook Notes to your content marketing strategy. If not, or if your content marketing strategies extend primarily beyond the Facebook ecosystem, we don’t recommend adding Facebook Notes to your content marketing tool box at this time.

So what do we recommend? Continue publishing your long-form content via your blog, optimizing it for search, and promoting it via your social network  and e-mail channels.


Padraic Fitzgerald
Padraic Fitzgerald

Our Director of Social Media has an intriguing first name – rhymes with Patrick – and background: food service manager, art teacher, student of cognitive neuroscience, horticulture enthusiast. Also intriguing is his pronounced skill at powerful content and social media strategy that brings client communications to the foreground to make the most effective impact.

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